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HOMELAND, ‘Q&A’ Episode Recap (Spoilers)

After last weeks episode Homeland had a lot to live up to.  With Brody’s capture, I was very curious to see where and how far they would take their interrogations. The interrogations were absolutely brilliant .  They were so well written, that I felt like I was in the exact same room with these wonderful actors.  Now I didn’t get the storybook ending that I wanted from this episode, but I think that the writers of this show know what they’re doing and are planning on blowing my mind. With that, let’s jump right in.

Primary Storyline

We begin ‘Q&A’ where we left off, with Brody being in an unknown location under strict surveillance.  Brody does not know his location, but the viewers obviously are aware that it is where the CIA was running the op. from last episode.  There is some argument of who should interview Brody.  Saul argues that Carrie should, since she knows him the best.  After some debate, Quinn is chosen to start the questioning.  Quinn begins by organizing a set of questions that he knows Brody will not be truthful about.  He asks him about Issa, about his hatred for Vice President Walden, and details about the suicide vest and his involvement with Tom Walker.  Brody denies all accusations.  Quinn proceeds to play Brody’s confession tape and leave the room to hopefully break him.  When he returns Brody confesses his love for Issa and his hatred for the Vice President, but strongly denies having worn a suicide vest.  He brags that they have no hard evidence on him besides this video which causes Quinn to explode and stab brody in the hand with a pocket knife (He later explains to Saul that it was part of a performance).

Carrie then takes over the questioning after Quinn’s ‘performance’.  She starts by turning off all camera’s in the room but leaves a hidden microphone on, giving Brody a sense of safety.  Carrie then begins a brilliant interrogation of breaking down Brody’s character, catching him in lies, making him tell lies and so on. Carrie asks Brody what Abu Nazir’s plot is. Brody finally breaks, confessing that Abu Nazir is planning an attack on the U.S., though he doesn’t know the nature of it. He gives up the names of Roya Hammad, his handler, and Bassel, the tailor who crafted the suicide vest.

Later on, Carrie tells brody what his options will include.  He can go to trial and face prison time , or he can use his knowledge and treason to help the CIA stop Nazir’s attack on the U.S., and nobody will find out the  truth about him.  He chooses the second option.

Carrie takes Brody home giving him advice about how to keep his wits and character about him so no one expects anything.  Brody returns home and again Jessica demands that he tells her where he has been and that he can come back home.  Brody states that he is working for the CIA and that is the reason he has been distant.  He says that he is helping with ‘matters of national security’

Secondary Storyline

There is a side storyline that comes into play in this episode that could eventually be a big plot line.  Finn takes Dana out on a date to see a movie.  While they are at a red light, finn speeds through it hoping to lose the Secret Service.  They both laugh and cheer as he speeds down the road dangerously through multiple red lights.  He turns off an alley and speeds down it.  When coming out onto the road he runs over a pedestrian.  Dana wants to go back, but Finn refuses, speeding off from the scene.  The woman seemed to be alive but injured.


I thought this was an OK episode.  It’s very hard to top last weeks but I think the writer’s deserve an applause for the interrogations that took place this episode.  I think they are setting up this season very well I just didn’t see all of this coming so soon.  I still think Brody is up to something and is not through with his terrorist ways as some would believe as of right now.  I’m looking forward to next weeks episode, after seeing the preview clip for it, it was primed to be quite exciting.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Homeland!

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