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HALO 4: Interview With Mackenzie Mason A.K.A Cortana

Cortana has been one of the characters that has remained ever present throughout the entirety of Master Chief’s story, she is the Navi to Legend of Zelda‘s Link, the EDI to Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard, and will be making a return for Halo 4. I was lucky enough to have  a chat with Mackenzie Mason, the actress who will playing the scantly clad hologram.

One of the events that will be at the core of the Halo 4  story will be Cortana’s descent into Rampancy, a process that all AI undergo after they reach their expiry date where they “develop delusions of godlike power”, as well as utter contempt for their mentally inferior makers. A process that is, it seems, unavoidable and irreversible. When talking to Mackenzie about this she said that it is an underlying theme throughout the game and something that both she (Cortana) and Chief struggle to deal with.

Mackenzie described Cortana as being “more human than Chief..she is larger than life” in Halo 4 and that, without giving too much away, it will be “her biggest sacrifice” to date. On asking whether we can expect a happy ending for Master Chief and Cortana  she made it clear that it will be ending to remember and one that will definitely not be expected. She worked closely Bruce Thomas, the actor who did the motion capture for Master Chief, however never met Jen Taylor, who has voiced Cortana consistently since the days of Halo: Combat Evolved.

She said that she’d love to go on to do other games especially because of the variety of “bad ass” main female parts such as Cortana that are available in the video game world. While Mackenzie Mason may not be household name just yet she said that she doesn’t want to settle for anything less than the high standard she has set for herself. With Halo 4 just under a month away from release Halo fans will be waiting anxiously for what seems to be the final chapter in Master Chief’s epic story.

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