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DEXTER, “Buck the System” Episode Recap

Well things are heating up on this season of Dexter! When we left off, Dexter ( Michael C. Hall) was still under house arrest with Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) , and it is slowly driving him crazy. The first few minutes of the episode are full of fantasies that Dexter has of killing people who are slightly annoying him. This happens a few times in imagination until it happens for real against an uncooperative suspect.

Dexter eventually decides to bring Debra into his system by giving her insight on a victim he’s hunting at a bar. She is unconvinced, and prevents Dexter from pursuing Speltzer and his potential victim. In the meantime, Dexter focuses on getting Louis out of his life. He resends the arm to the lab, forcing Masuka to fire Louis, who Masuka didn’t know sold it.  Right after that, Louis returns to his apartment to see his girlfriend Jamie (Aimee Garcia) waiting for him watching the video of him with the hooker. She breaks up with him, and Dexter succeeds at ruining Louis’s life.

The Mob is hot on Victor’s trail, as they try to find the tracking device that was in his bracelet.  They eventually track it to Dexter’s boat, which has a visitor: Louis. He is there to try and sink the boat, but the mobsters interfere, and threaten to kill him. Louis give’s them Dexter’s name, then they shoot him, ending his storyline. Thank god. He was starting to annoy me, and it seemed natural to get rid of him. Dexter is going to have enough with the Mob, Deb, and potentially LaGuerta (Laren Velez).  He didn’t need anyone else on him, and Louis had run his course. I’m glad that storyline is extinguished.

Dexter continues to search for evidence against Speltzer illegally, while Deb does her best to do it the legal way. Dexter breaks into a mausoleum, and finds the evidence he’s looking for, while Debra decides to swing by Speltzer’s place to check him out.  Little does she know that Speltzer is in there killing his next victim. She goes in, and is taken down by Speltzer. Just before he goes to kill her, Dexter saves the day, and knocks him out. Speltzer gets away, but not before killing his original victim, and getting away.

Now Deb has to live with this girl’s death on her conscious, along with the fact that Dexter was right the whole time.  Now this leads to the ultimate question: Will she let Dexter free? It would seem like only a matter before Dexter is unleashed once again, but how free will he be knowing that Deb could be watching. More imortantly, will there be a time that Deb buys into his system, and starts helping him out? It would certainly prove for some interesting TV, but given Deb’s hardcore following of the rules, my guess is she keeps her hands clean.

I’m excited to see where the show is going. We also got introduced to the big guest star of the season: Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). Hannah was the partner of the killer who committed suicide last week. So far, there has been no indication what her role will be, but she will be involved somehow.  And then there’s the Ukrainian mob, who looks to be as opposing a threat as Dexter has faced.  I don’t think he will be able to tackle them by himself, so maybe that’s were Hannah comes in? I can’t wait to find out!

What did you think of tonight’s Dexter? How do you think Hannah will be involved in the season? Do you think Deb will let loose the reins on Dexter now that he was proven right? Let us know in the comments!

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