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Choose Your Weapon- SPARTACUS LEGENDS Host Design Competition

The TV show  Spartacus is renowned for its bloodshed and for oozing testosterone like it’s going out of fashion. However, it does touch upon one of the many questions that has been often explored in TV and film- what was it like to be a gladiator? Russell Crowe  did a pretty good job of capturing the sheer brutality of the occupation but never has there really been any sort of interactive world in which you can experience the blood and sand. Until now that is, with Spartacus Legends, a free to play arena fighter based on the like named show.

In order to boost interest in the game that was announced back in July, Starz and Ubisoft (who are publishing the game) are running a design competition. The competition allows fans of the game (and of the show) to submit their ideas for armour and weapon designs. Each design is voted on by the community and then winners are chosen by Liam McIntyre, Spartacus in the show, and show creator Steven De Knight.  This competition precedes the final season of the show which will run in January 2013, titled Spartacus: War of the Damned, where Rome is on the brink of collapse and at the hands of Spartacus and his rebels.

To enter the competition simply go here and follow the instructions. What we do on Facebook echoes in eternity so get designing!  

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