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CARE BEARS: THE ORIGINAL SERIES COLLECTION DVD: 64 Episodes of Posession, Opression and Unconditional Love

Did I get the Care Bears: The Original Series Collection DVD set because I have a six year old daughter?  No, but it was as good an excuse as any for me to be able to sit down and watch these beloved episodes again.  Did the fact that the info. sheet which arrived with the DVDs stated that “the Care Bears were celebrating thirty years of caring, sharing and fun!” make me feel old.  You betcha.  Granted, I was little when the episodes aired on television, but I was old enough to watch them when they originally aired.  And I loved them, all of them.  The movies, the series, the dolls, I love(d) them all.  So, offer me a six disc, sixty-four episode (yes, I said sixty-four episode) DVD collection of the sweetest bears around and their cousins, and I’m there.  So is my kid.

Did we take full advantage of a sick baby day that had us stuck at home inside and watch almost all sixty-four episodes in one day?  Yes, yes we did and I am not ashamed.  I remembered just about every episode and how much I loved them.  There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the Care Bears.  They are not just sweet and soft and cuddly and they do not fight lollipops and rainbows.  These colorful bears and their large variety of animal cousins take down some serious adversaries.  The thrill I used to get from these altercations and the bad guys that were just scary enough was such a fantastic feeling.  I watched my own daughter being sucked into the stories and nibbling at her finger tips in anticipation and excitement as she worried about her furry friends and the kids they were trying to help.  The lessons learned from the Care Bears are not arbitrary either.  My little girl already has a good moral compass, but she walked away from the Care Bear experience with an almost Mother Teresa-like view of how to treat others.  After disc four, when I finally made her break the long streak of episode after episode, all she could say was “mooooooorrrre” in her best starving addict voice.  My daughter is addicted to caring, there are worse things.  The Nutcracker Movie was the icing on the cake.  The girl already loves that story, but add Care Bears to it and I don’t think we’ll see the end of this movie until well after Christmas.

There is nothing really new about these discs, they look just like they did when I was a kid, with my own daughter immediately stating “this is really old” when she saw the picture quality.  It did not in any way deter her from wanting to watch the discs…all of them…in rapid succession.  The stories still have true value and impact.  The Care Bears teach respect, acceptance and love; lessons that we all need to be reminded of.  They use interesting, intense story lines that do include people being taken over by evil or anger, really and truly mean bullies, before everyone got so sensitive and worried about how we teach lessons, even if the lessons are the right ones and the means of telling them are truthful.  The best part about watching these episodes, as with any movie, show or cartoon from my childhood these days, is seeing them again through my daughter’s eyes.  Remembering what I felt when watching these and knowing she loves the characters and the stories for the same reasons I did and for new reasons all her own.  This collection is a fantastic one, to have all of these episodes all in one place.  To be able to share them with our kids, not just moms but dads, aunts, anyone who enjoyed them is unequaled fun.  I probably would have gotten these without my daughter’s influence and enjoyed them on my own, reminiscing about my childhood and fun afternoons with  my Funshine Bear toy or playing with my best friends and their own Care Bears.  But sharing it with my daughter brought a new level of enjoyment to the experience that means more to me than anything in the world.

Care Bears: The Original Series Collection DVD is availalbe October 9, 2012.  You can find it on today!

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