Album of the Month: “The Fool” by Warpaint

Ever since I saw them at Reading Festival two years ago Warpaint have stuck firmly in mind as one of the best acts of the weekend. I had never heard of the all-girl band from LA as I tried to get a good spot for Panic! At The Disco. To my pleasant surprise their haunting melodies and indie rock vibe meant that they were actually a better performance than the act I was waiting to see- that is why this album-of-the-month is their second release The Fool.

Even from the very first sombre chord of Set Your Arms Down you get an instant feel for the band’s tone and style; floating vocals, irregular drum patterns and high pitched riffs are the most identifiable features of Warpaint.  Unlike many albums, The Fool becomes a better album after each song. The like-named Warpaint and perhaps the band’s most well known song Undertow are the most stand out tracks with their memorable and  melodies and vocals.

It is impossible to miss the grunge-like overtones in the later tracks like Bees and Shadows, with the latter reminiscent of Heart-Shaped Box only sung by women. While the final tracks of the album are little bit more lyrical than the others, notably Baby and Lizzie’s Heart Murmur, and bit more modern, Majesty, it keeps the album interesting with varied sounds and styles. Warpaint are by far one of the most exciting bands out there and it is just shame that they haven’t released any new material since The Fool. But even after two years The Fool is still sounding as refreshing and memorizing as that performance on that Sunday afternoon.

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