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Do you like fairy tales, Christmas stories, happy endings, and movies like Au Pair (1999)?

If so, then on Tuesday, October 16Lionsgate Home Entertainment has a new DVD just for you: A Princess for Christmas.

For those of you who missed it on the Hallmark Channel, here’s the official Synopsis:

Christmas is right around the corner and Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) is doing her
best to create a loving home as new guardian to her mischievous niece and nephew.
But when she loses her job and an exasperated nanny on the same day, a mysterious
and unexpected invitation arrives–travel to Europe and spend a royal Christmas with
the children’s distant grandfather–the Duke of Castlebury (Roger Moore)! It’s a new
world for Jules and the children as they discover their new prim and proper surroundings
in the castle, but soon laughter begins to echo in the once quiet halls, filling everyone
with renewed hope and joy for the season. And when Jules captures the heart of the dashing
Prince Ashton (Sam Heughan), both of their lives begin to change in unexpected ways!

The cast also includes Travis Turner and Leilah de Meza as Jules’ nephew and niece, Milo and Maddie, Charlotte Salt as Lady Arabella Marchand du Belmont, Prince Ashton’s would-be princess, and Miles Richardson as Paisley Winterbottom, butler to the Duke of Castlebury.

A Princess for Christmas follows an estranged family doing its best in the wake of a tragic loss. As each character struggles to fill their particular void–be it the loss of a parent, sister, brother, or son–the question is not whether each can move on, but whether each can accept the fact that they can’t do it alone.

If there is one thing the Hallmark Channel knows, it’s how to tug on the heartstrings…so you may want to keep a box of tissues nearby while watching this one.

But worry not–there is lightheartedness to this tale too. From the daily search for a perpetually-missing doll head, to quirky family servants and silliness during dance lessons, A Princess for Christmas has many giggle-inducing moments.

Drawn together by the Christmas spirit, each character realizes the value of fighting for, rather than with, family.

And they all live happily ever after.

DVD Special Feature:

  • A Royal Production: Behind the Scenes of A Princess for Christmas


A Princess for Christmas on DVD is available on Amazon.


[one_half]Year of Production: 2011
Not Rated (NR)
Christmas, Family, Fairy Tale
Closed Captioned:
English[/one_half]Subtitles: NA
Format: 16×9 Widescreen (1.78:1)
Feature Running Time: 90 minutes
DVD Audio Status: 5.1 Dolby Digital



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