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WILFRED “Secrets” Recap – Wilfred Speaks…to Someone Else

Beware: Spoilers Ahead

Wilfred, “Secrets” really left me kind of disappointed.  I mean, questions were answered, but not the ones I wanted!  The “big reveal” wasn’t even really on my radar anymore, which I’m sure was by design.  I wasn’t disappointed in the execution of this episode but in the somewhat anticlimactic nature of the reveal and close of the season.  Though I don’t feel it was up to the standard of storytelling that I have come to expect from the writers on this clever show,  I understand the need to keep Ryan’s dad under wraps for another season, but the lesser reveal left me not as hyped for next summer as I want to be.

We find that Ryan has taken on the role not only of hosting the wedding at his house, but planning the shindig as well.  Jenna seems to think he’s her wedding planner and maid of honor all rolled up in one.  After the ending of last week’s episode, at which we left Ryan standing at Amanda’s door, the two are back together.  When Wilfred finds a drawing that he appears in that looks like it was done by a child and he claims that child was Ryan, his friend dismisses it as Wilfred’s attempt to once again convince Ryan that he is too crazy to be with Amanda.  Ryan does take the opportunity to mess with Wilfred a bit and starts to tell him an elaborate tale about “The Plan” in which the prophecy says “all will be revealed by the final five Cylons”, of course referencing the fantastic Battlestar Galactica.  Sadly, I think my favorite part of the whole episode was Wilfred’s response of “Frack you Ryan!”.  The issue goes unresolved in the face of the impending nuptials, with neither Ryan or Wilfred copping to drawing the picture.

As the Wilfred and Ryan (who has deigned to be co-ring bearer again and is required to hold Wilfred’s tail as though it’s a veil) start down the aisle, the two argue about Amanda.  She told Ryan that she saw Wilfred prior to the wedding, but Wilfred denies it.  Ryan is still convinced that Wilfred is trying to sabotage his rekindled relationship with Amanda. I can only imagine what this looked like to the rest of the attendees.  I know it’s a bit contrived, but I would still like to see these moments later in a flashback from someone else’s perspective.   Thank goodness we aren’t put through the whole ceremony and after we see Jenna make her way down the aisle, immediately cut to the reception.  I have to say I am relieved that Jenna and Drew are wed; I no longer have to worry about the Jenna and Ryan dynamic.  I realize marriages aren’t always permanent, anything could happen to shake up the story line between now and next season, but I’m going with Jenna being off the table for now.

James, Ryan’s friend from college and his dad’s law firm shows up at the wedding, intending only to come to Ryan’s house and give him some really bad news.  After investigating what happened with regard to Ryan’s company and secrets being divulged to a rival lab, Ryan’s father has found an off-shore account that is in Ryan’s name, concluding Kevin was framed.  Irrationally, and somewhat insanely, Ryan accuses Wilfred of finding a way to do this and frame him.  Wilfred tells Ryan why this notion is so crazy, “Without you I have no purpose, I’m nothing; it’s like I don’t even exist.”, which of course is exactly the case…I think.  Wilfred turns Ryan’s attention elsewhere first blaming his father and then suggesting the possibility that Ryan is sabotaging himself, pontificating on who is really in control, Wilfred or Ryan?  It’s an interesting question and one that needs to be asked.  There are so many different ways this show can go, it could all just be a doggie dream in the end and Ryan was actually a figment of Wilfred’s imagination.  Maybe the show is just the answer to the age-old question of what dogs dream about.

As Ryan lets this sink in, we see another signature dog behavioral moment when Wilfred tries to comfort Ryan with a paw on top of his his hand, then Ryan puts his hand on top of Wilfred’s paw, Wilfred correcting him but in a great show of compassion and restraint, lets Ryan “win”.  Ryan decides in light of all of these possibilities, he needs to tell Amanda about Wilfred.  When he reveals his big secret to her, she immediately tells him that she talks to Wilfred as well, citing this as being the reason she was initially so freaked out by Wilfred.  Amanda shares that Wilfred has helped her execute his “plan” (there’s that word again), which resulted in her selling the company’s secret and putting the money away so she and Ryan could run away together.  Wilfred fervently denies this with the adorably ironic statement, “I’m a dog Ryan, I can’t talk to people, how many times do I have to tell you that?”.  When Ryan puts Amanda’s claim to the test, she fails, not really understanding what Wilfred is saying (at least not what he says in Ryan’s head).

Ryan deems her insane, but feels for her as he can empathize.  Poor James is still at the wedding as Kristen dumped the baby on him so she could go have a good time, and Ryan tells him what he knows.  James calls the FBI and psychiatric assistance for Amanda.  She confesses to everything, so Ryan is off the hook and doesn’t have to deal with his dad after all.  Wilfred is surprised he didn’t know that Amanda was a little off, “I’m usually good at spotting the crazies”, assuring Ryan he isn’t crazy, citing “…some people can’t handle Vegas, you can.”

Ryan’s final notion of the episode is that what scares him most about the drawing Wilfred found is that he always assumed Wilfred had all the answers and that if Ryan really drew that picture and Wilfred doesn’t know what that means then they are on a plane without a pilot.  Wilfred assures a fragile Ryan that Ryan didn’t draw the picture as a kid, but that he and was just messing with his friend.  I wasn’t quite convinced, and rightly so, as Ryan finds evidence that he did draw the picture as a child, but what does that mean?

I will admit that I was sucked into the story about the drawing to the point that I think my heart was pounding just as hard as his when he discovered he had drawn Wilfred at a younger age, but didn’t feel the excitement or pull from the episode as a whole.  I would rather have seen an impulsive Ryan who was  grasping at straws having proposed to Amanda at the end of the last episode (unbeknown to us of course) and that it was actually their wedding taking place or perhaps at the last minute Ryan marries her at Jenna and Drew’s wedding  and then we are left with them married and Amanda revealing the secret of her involvement in the scandal before the episode ends.  The ending of Amanda being carted away after her big reveal was anti-climactic for me, and though I know this isn’t a drama, leaving that door open with her escaping or running away with the money on her own would have been more interesting.  Ryan could have gotten the occasional post card next season and we could have played “Where in the world is Amanda” on the FX website.  But, this was not to be.  Here’s the part I would love to say, “I can’t wait to find out what happens next season!”, but I think it was a mistake not to give a bigger payoff in this finale and my excitement is a reserved version of “I still have hope for the show and look forward to seeing what the crew can do next season.”

Were you disappointed by the finale, or do you think it did the season justice?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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