VIDEO: Tour the Art of FRANKENWEENIE Exhibition with Allison Abbate

Stop-motion is one of the oldest forms of animation yet it’s enjoying a wonderful resurgance this year with Paranorman, Pirates! The Band of Misfits, and now Frankenweenie. In theaters starting October 5, Frankenweenie may just be the best of the bunch. In addition to a fantastic movie, the Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition has been touring the world nearly several months now, allowing fans to literally step in to the sets of the film.

I was lucky enough to be a part of a tour lead by Allison Abbate, producer of several stop-motion hits like Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Nightmare Before Christmas. You can watch the tour in four parts here:

Tim Burton’s Desk:

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The Kitchen:

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The Attic:

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The Classroom:

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Sorry for the shaky camera work (this is why I’ll never be a surgeon!). I hope you enjoyed this inside look at the art tour and if it makes its way to your town, I definitely recommend you check it out!

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