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UPRISING 44- “A New Approach To A WWII Video Game”

War games have always been characterised by the sides that you fight for, and the sides you fight against. Often it is a battle of super powers, namely the US vs Russia or the Allied forces against the Axis of World War Two. Equally, most war games come in two types- the first person shooter and the real time strategy. However Uprising 44 is not about  any major power and looks to blend those seemingly polar opposite game modes into one game, retelling the events of the Warsaw uprising of  August 1944.

Developed by DMD Enterprise, a Polish company, the game looks to retell the story of the “Silent Shadows”, paratroopers who were dropped into Warsaw to help organise resistance and repel the forces of the Third Reich. While history can tell us that this will not be a cheery game with a happy ending- SS Chief Heinrich Himmler ordered for Warsaw to ” be razed to its foundation”- the combination of both FPS and RTS elements could make for a very interesting game. Often in FPS’s your allies will run straight into enemy fire or loiter awkwardly in a doorway and you can only despair and ask “why can’t I control them?”.

DMD released the game over the weekend and it is available from GamersGateGreen Man Gaming, and Get Games for $15. [Kotaku]

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