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TV Recap: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: “Farhampton”

Forgive me if you’ve heard me say this before, but How I Met Your Mother is like a sports star who refuses to retire and continues to play the game years past his prime. He won’t quit because of his love for the game, but he is a shell of his former self. That was pretty much all I could think as I watch the Season 8 premiere of HIMYM. Now I’m just preparing myself for another season of fond old memories that I will draw on to get me through the season, which will be likely be filled with cringe worthy ineptitude.

The premiere opens just as the last season did, with the setting being “Alittle ways down the road.” It begins with Ted talking to Robin, who asks if Barney is freaking out. When Ted tells her he isn’t, she reveals that she in fact is the one who’s freaking out. They then look at the window as Robin talks about climbing out, and they flash back to where we left off, with Ted and Victoria driving off into the sunset.  The episode then breaks off into two story lines.

One of them is Marshall and Lily dealing with exhaustion and lack of sleep due to the birth of their new baby. This provides a few chuckles of laughter, but overall isn’t very entertaining. Later in the episode, they accidentally reveal to Quinn that Barney and Robin used to date, shortly after Quinn asked Robin to be one of her  bridesmaids. This then leads to the highlight of the show, which is Barney’s epic 52 second monologue, where he breaks down the first seven seasons of the show.

The other story line is of course Ted and Victoria in the aftermath of her walking out of her wedding. When she tells Ted that she didn’t leave a note, he insists that they return to leave one to give Klous, her husband to be, some closure. As it turns out, Ted catches Klous leaving the wedding himself, giving Ted the perfect opportunity to make him look like the bad guy. Later in the episode, he runs into Klous at the train station, and listened to him ramble on about how Victoria wasn’t the one for her, in a funny German expression.

This leads to the final scene of the episode, which as the show has been accustomed to doing, teases us with the promise of a big reveal, only to once again literally tell us nothing.  The episode ends by flashing forward once again to Ted waiting at the train station after Ted and Barney’s wedding. A cab then pulls up, and the camera goes to first person with the view of the passenger. We then see her feet walking to the stop, and stopping closer to Ted. Then, the camera zooms out, and just as it looks like we will see her face, the infamous yellow umbrella pops up, hiding the mother’s face.

Way to go Carter Bays. He’s good though. He knows that most viewers will stick it out till the end, as they have already invested so much into the show. However, it looks more and more like we are in for another meaningless season in what I hope will be the last one. If it is, they will likely unveil the mother in the final episode, wrapping up the show neatly, while alienating the viewers, leaving them in a haze of frustration, wondering what will become of future Ted and his wife.

I have a ton of patience with this show, because I love it so much, but even I am getting fed up with this. Why do you want us to hate the show guys? Just tell us who the mother is, and end the show on your own terms, rather then whoring yourselves out for another season.  It’s getting old.

What did you guys think of the premiere? Are you getting as frustrated as we are? Let us know in the comments!

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