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This Chick’s Flicks: THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT on Blu-ray & DVD

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The Five-Year Engagement—a rom-com written by Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel, produced by Judd Apatow (Apatow Productions), and distributed by Universal Pictures—explores what happens when life gets in the way of having it all.

One year after meeting Violet (Emily Blunt), Tom (Segel) pops the question. While planning what will become a perpetually delayed wedding, Violet is offered a two-year post-doc position at the University of Michigan. Thinking ‘how long can two years really be?’, Tom agrees to move from San Francisco to Ann Arbor, and the couple hits the pause button on wedding planning. From day one, Violet is happy and successful, while Tom is miserable. When Violet’s fear that Tom would come to resent her for putting her career first comes to pass, the couple must figure out whether they can find a way for both to be happy, personally and professionally.

The Five-Year Engagement stars Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, and Alison Brie, with a supporting cast that includes (alphabetically) Kevin HartRhys IfansDakota JohnsonMindy KalingMimi KennedyRandall ParkChris ParnellDavid PaymerJim PiddockBrian Posehn, and Jacki Weaver.

The love between Tom and Violet is palpable and believable, and all members of this cast have a true talent for comedy. But, despite the rom-com label, The Five-Year Engagement doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff and recognizes that a relationship cannot be measured solely by the easy times. So, The Five-Year Engagement asks the audience to ponder: How much should a person be willing to give up for their significant other? And, how much should a person ask their significant other to give up for them?

The Five-Year Engagement is not the best movie night choice for a girl who’s recently had a Carrie-and-Big-like moment (“Look, I have to be in a relationship where if I have to go to Paris, I have to go to Paris.”). But, those of you who believe that true love really can conquer all, as I do, should have no fear: The Five-Year Engagement will not rob you of your faith. Rather, it will demonstrate that modernity has not diminished true love’s power, and that the notion need not be relegated only to olden times or the animated worlds where characters are predestined to live happily ever after.

The Five-Year Engagement is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and iTunes (to rent or buy).


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