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This Chick’s Flicks: CONCEPTION

Dear Readers,

I originally had another topic in mind for this week’s post…but then I finally got around to watching a movie that had been on my to-watch list for a while, *loved* it, and decided that I’d give you all a quickie recommendation instead.

Conception, written and directed by Josh Stolberg, tells the stories of nine unrelated couples who all end up knocked up after the same night.

The naughty nine (grouped by couple) are played by Julie Bowen and Gregory SmithConnie Britton and Jason MantzoukasAlan Tudyk and Jennifer Jostyn, Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer FinniganSarah Hyland and Matt ProkopSteve Howey and Leila Leigh, Moon Bloodgood and Pamela AdlonAaron Ashmore and Leah Pipes, and Tim Griffin and America Olivo. The cast is rounded out by a number of exceedingly cute children and David Arquette.


Conception is not a prequel to, or alternative version of, What to Expect When You’re Expecting—rather, its different stories combine to form an allegory about what can happen when you *least* expect it. Drawing a realistically blurry line between love and lust, Conception doesn’t shy away from the multitude of conflicting emotions that go hand in hand with relationships, sex, and babies.

Touching and laugh-out-loud funny, Conception is a perfect choice for your next movie-night-in.


Conception (NR, 127 min.) was produced by Rock It Productions, and distributed by Rock It Productions and Tribeca Film.

Conception is now available on Amazon and Netflix.



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