The Speaker Box Below – Episode 54

This week The Speaker Box comes back and home and takes it rightful place at the end of the working week. Music featured includes Grizzly Bear, Skull Snaps, Laura Marling and The Soft Moon.

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Ache by Twigs
Heartache by Noosa

LP Magic
Speak In Rounds by Grizzly Bear
Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco

Record of the Week
In A Big City by Titus Andronicus

This Time Last Year
Sophia by Laura Marling

Record Box Collection
It’s A New Day by Skull Snaps

Fantastic Four
What We See by Julia Holter and Nite Jewel
Insides by The Soft Moon
@deathgripz by Death Grips
Putty Boy Strut by Flying Lotus

Beautiful Finale
I Aint Scared of Lightning by Tom McRae


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