The Small Screen Podcast Episode 34: Not-So-Sneak Previews

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Since the wave of the future is airing pilots before shows actually premiere, we decided to talk about the first episodes of The Mindy Project, The New Normal and Ben & Kate in this week’s The Small Screen Podcast. We also got in our weekly Grimm shout-out as well as covered a lot of news. Check out the episode breakdown to avoid any possible spoilers.

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Episode Breakdown:

Intros: Start – 1:11

TV News: 1:12 – 38:57

  • Remembering Michael Clarke Duncan: 1:12 – 8:26
  • The Office ending after Season 9: 8:27 – 13:19
  • Abby Elliott to How I Met Your Mother: 13:20 – 15:45
  • Saturday Night Live books first hosts: 15:46 – 19:53
  • Shawn Ryan’s Beverly Hills Cop, Last Resort & Terriers: 19:54 – 31:29
  • ABC greenlights S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot from Joss Whedon: 31:30 – 38:44

What We’re Watching: 38:58 – 1:05:23

  • The Mindy Project: 38:58 – 45:15
  • The New Normal: 45:16 – 51:06
  • Ben & Kate: 51:07 – 55:57
  • Grimm: 55:58 – 1:05:23

What We’re Looking Forward To: 1:05:23 – 1:08:58

  • College football: 1:05:23 – 1:07:55
  • The Vampire Diaries: 1:07:56 – 1:08:58

Closing: 1:08:59 – End

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Kristal Bailey

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