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THE OFFICE “Roy’s Wedding” Episode Recap


The Office is in mid-season form. It’s just too bad we’re only on Episode 2. There’s nothing particularly wrong with the episode, but there’s definitely a lack of real laughs. Instead, there is a forceful push on character development. It’s almost expected, because many people that are watching The Office are curious about what will happen to everybody, and how it will end. But the episode is certainly not all bad, any long-time fan of the show could still be pleased with “Roy’s Wedding.”

The opening scene features Pam introducing a Chore Wheel to a very unenthusiastic office. Kevin is disappointed most of all, because he’s never seen a wheel that doesn’t spin. While turning the wheel one notch every day would be, as Pam insists, more effective, even Jim concedes that a spinning wheel might be more fun. Which it IS!

For the first time in 9 seasons, Jim and Pam’s marriage is slightly questioned. Very slightly, but enough to keep the possibility of a divorce in the back of your mind. The episode starts its real motion with Roy’s Wedding (on a weekday at 8 am). Roy–the obnoxious jerk we know well. Or, to Jim, Pam’s ex-fiance. Oh and by the way, Roy’s rich now. AND he plays piano?! Unbelievable. Just the motivation Jim needs to put a spark back into his marriage in which they both know everything about each other.

One of the episode’s funniest moments came from Oscar, who’s reaction to Angela boasting that her marriage to the Senator is still full of “surprises” is absolutely priceless. This scene almost serves as a reminder that Oscar and Angela (and Stanely, Phyllis, Meredith, and Creed) are still valuable assets to the show. It’s clear that The Office has racked its focus onto Jim, Pam, Andy (and Erin), and Dwight. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it may even be good, because the cast is simply too large at this point. However, the ensemble is what made the show great in the first place, so is sacrificing that leading to a disappointing ending? The Office isn’t in the office enough, but then again the finale is headed outward and away from the office. It’s a question about where everybody ends up, so if everyone is still at their desks just the same, then what was the point, right?

Andy and Erin’s relationship (whatever it was) is also being pulled over thin ice. Andy is blissfully unaware of the dishonesty of Clark, who is (by strong implication) taking advantage of Erin by “auditioning” her for a “news” station. Not the sort of taking advantage that would make us want Clark in prison, but the sort of taking advantage that tells us maybe he isn’t such a nice guy. But Plop is a nice guy–and he’s even nice enough to take Erin to dinner. So far, his one-liners and clear lack of patience with Clark makes Jake Lacy a great addition to the cast.

Dwight has finally met somebody who is as obsessed with power and authority as he is: Nellie, who implements Taliban Law. Dwight, having agreed to it (because he’s Dwight), is now required to cut off Nellie’s hand for stealing a pen. And Dwight cuts off Nellie’s hand with a cleaver  they watch 127 Hours instead. There’s actually a bit of a refreshing conflict between Dwight and Nellie. The childish, ego-driven head butting between Dwight and Nellie really is a great addition to the show. But I’m still hoping for one last brilliant Jim and Dwight showdown.

Best Moments:

Creed: (To Nellie) “I know you don’t really exist.”

“The Taliban is the worst. …Great heroin though.”

Darryl: “I guess he thought I’d be into The Godfather because I’m black. Wrong! I like The Godfather because I’m a cinephile. I like Scarface because I’m black.”

Plop: “Seems unnecessary for an audition.”

Oscar chokes on his coffee when Angela says her marriage still has surprises.

Bottom line: These are characters we all know and love, and they will continue to be funny. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to convince someone who isn’t a fan to start watching.

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