The Monthly Music Report: August 2012

Now that we’re a few days into September its time to close the lid firmly on August. In doing so this, the first of many ongoing installments called The Monthly Music Report, will take a look at the best new music this past month had to offer.












Following up the incredibly absorbing and dark soundscapes crafted on his 2010 outing Black City. Producer turned solo artist Matthew Dear had some big shoes to fill with his latest record Beams. But he more than met expectations, peeling away from the gloomy vortex of its predecessor, Beams keeps a few dark streaks in tact. But as a whole creates a  lighter, more infectious groove based record that slowly seeps beneath your skin and stays there.













In a bid to battle the overproduced pap and mediocre output that often runs rife in the UK RnB scene. Feature vocalist turned fully fledged solo star Jessie Wares soulful pop is clean, crisp and in total control from start to finish. Its not only uplifting and refreshing but its also a welcome change of pace.













Swedish psych folk/ambient afro beat band Goat may have an iffy name, but their musical output is certainly not to be sniffed at. Embodying the mysticism of voodoo, witch doctors and black magic their mind melting guitar breakdowns combined with ethereal chants and tribal percussions. Come across as not only being from another time but from another world all together . Bright, bold and with a unique palette of sound on offer, World Music is easily one of the months best LP’s.













Another slice of Scanadavian beauty, Castratii are another Swedish group claiming August as their own. The crispy, cloudy and rugged blend of shoegaze guitar combined with moody and atmospheric electronica, forms a splintered kaleidoscope of emotional and mental sculptures. When you spin Castratii you not only enter the void, you inhabit it and claim it as your very own fortress of solitude.

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