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SONS OF ANARCHY SEASON 4 Recap and Blu-Ray Review – Disc Two

Sons of Anarchy (SOA) Season Four, Disc Two, Episodes Six through Ten:

Disc Two of the Sons of Anarchy Season Four Blu-ray starts with a bang, grabbing you by the shirt collar and punching you repeatedly in the face.  The missing cocaine is discovered before the run and trust wanes between the club and the cartel.  Juice is found out by fellow SAMCRO member Miles but before he can say anything about it Juice shoots him in the face… a lot.  It is really quite shocking and one of the main reasons I touted how much more impressive these intense scenes are on Blu-ray.  My husband even texted me the moment he watched the scene himself because he was so stunned.  When you’re already expecting something intense to happen but are still amazed by it when it does, you know you’re watching something special.

Opie sleeps with the sleazy porn start (the one that Jax slept with in a previous season) after finding out that Lyla has been lying about trying to get pregnant.  When Lyla shows up to confront her, the crazy skank pulls a gun on Tara, Gemma and Piney while the baby is there with Tara.  Jax quickly exacts his own form of justice by paying her a visit and bashing her face in with the threat of death if she comes near his family again.  Lyla ultimately takes off on Opie and he doesn’t seem too surprised or to even care that much as he finds himself missing Donna more and more.

Poor Unser is still caught in the middle of Gemma and Clay, the latter of whom insists he keep looking for the original copy of John Teller’s letters to Maureen.  Wayne plants a letter threatening Tara’s life in her car outside the house, putting everyone into panic mode.  Gemma immediately sends Tara and the kids to the compound so they will be kept safe from what is, as yet, an unknown enemy.

After a drive-by on the Mayan’s coke packaging facility Tara has to work on wounded Mayan leader Alvarez and learns of the drugs and deal with the cartel.   She doesn’t handle any of this well and lets a reference to Jax’s getting out of the club in front of Gemma, which of course put’s the older old lady’s wheels in motion (no pun intended). I love the moment when the club appears to exact revenge on the people responsible for the drive by on the club and the Mayans and Clay makes sure everyone puts their cell phones on silent.  Ambushing in the digital age requires diligence. Clay plays everyone, even letting Gemma think that issues with Alvarez could be the reason behind the threat on Tara’s life.  Sheriff Roosevelt is ever present, especially now that Tara has been threatened. After seeing Unser talking with Margaret Murphy and subsequently finding out Tara has been put on leave due to a tip-off on her death threat, it is revealed that Wayne is leaking the death threat information to Roosevelt.  He has to make sure Tara has as much protection as possible, from Clay that is.  I have an issue with Tara being guarded by a prospect throughout the entire season rather than a more capable member of the club, considering the amount of danger she is in.  Jax encourages her to take a job in Oregon to ensure his family’s safety and force himself to leave.

Juice agrees to try again to get a sample of the drugs t be analyzed, but insists on meeting Lincoln Potter who continues to use Sheriff Roosevelt to his own end and in more illegal avenues.  The irony of Juice’s situation is the very thing that probably steered him in the direction of joining the club in the first place (an absentee father) is what might be his undoing with SAMCRO.  In that same vein, it seems the Sheriff has a soft spot for Juice, and in the midst of his own difficulty having children with his wife he may even have some fatherly inclinations.  As Juice continues to struggle with his betrayal of the club, he tries to hang himself unsuccessfully due to a tree limb breaking.  Chibs and Jax try to help Juice to hide his “weakness” from the club.  Sheriff Roosevelt tries to pull Juice out of the investigation, but Potter wants to keep him around.  The two men (Juice and Lincoln) finally meet in the “secret room” that shows all of the Sons and their connections throughout the years.  The names and faces on the wall are familiar to fans that have been watching the show for a while, it is almost an SOA yearbook.  When Jax sees what has really been going on and realizes what he was actually being used for, he loses it and attacks Sheriff Roosevelt.  Juice is offered a final deal to bring the Irish down in order to save the club.  He does what he thinks is best for the club and agrees.

Speaking of turning on the club, Bobby has told Otto that he and the guys already took out Georgie for Luanne’s murder, but AUSA Potter crushes that lie and shows Otto that Georgie is still alive.  Otto feels he has been ultimately betrayed and agrees to roll over on SAMCRO, particularly Bobby, still thinking there is a possibility Bobby could be responsible for his wife’s death.

In the midst of everything going on, Bobby decides that a new vote is in order for a new president and lays out a motion via officer challenge.  Machine gun fire and a truck crashing through the compound gates interrupt the vote.  The men in the truck leave behind one of their own and a gift in the form of 4 heads in a duffle bag.  Piney uses the incident to suggest Clay use this as an excuse to get out of the drug trade, threatening him with the prospect of going public with Maureen’s letters.  Clay’s not hearing it.  SAMCRO finds themselves in the middle of a cartel war between themselves and the Lobos.  Though they would rather it be any other way, everyone who warned Clay against this is fully vindicated with the new development.  Our old friend Laroy is brought in to the fight when it is discovered he is dealing drugs for the Lobos and is the reason they feel the cartel is encroaching on their territory.  Clay is power hungry and is determined to own Charming, so is more than happy to have the cartel take out Laroy for him.  Bobby sees what is going on and cautions against burning all their bridges in the community.  Laroy narrowly escapes the cartel’s wrath no thanks to Clay but because of Jax’s insistence that they be spared.  The Irish are being brought in on the gun trafficking as buyers, but even they are exceptionally cautious and leery of working with the cartel.

Piney eventually pays for his threat to expose Clay with his life when Clay shows up at the cabin to “reason with him” and ends up killing him instead.  He tries to stage the scene to look like the Lobos had something to do with the death.  Gemma finds him and calls Wayne in to help her figure out what to do.  She insists that Unser not call the cops though he is more concerned than ever from Gemma and Tara’s safety.  He tells Gemma “Clay can’t be saved”.  She uses Wayne’s affection for her and her physicality to get him to do what she wants, stooping pretty low.  Opie remains in the dark about his father’s death.

Gemma is gearing up during the episode for the fundraiser to take down the Charming Heights development proposed by Mayor Hale.  Clay gets behind this venture and makes sure the money needed to save the park is raised.  He makes quite the speech in front of the town and Sheriff Roosevelt (his wife is heading up the fund raising efforts).  He sounds like a politician and tries to position himself as the protector of the town, where as Hale is the destroyer of what Charming stands for.

Gemma appeals to Clay, asking him not to go after Tara now that he has killed Piney.  She insists Tara won’t use the letters against him.  Instead of protecting Tara, she inadvertently plants information that Tara is taking a trip to Oregon for her job offer and Clay uses a phone give to him by the cartel for an independent contractor that will take out the good doctor.  Clay doesn’t know Jax and the kids are going with Tara when he puts the hit on her.  When he tries to cancel it the cartel refuses, citing they can’t stop what has been put in motion, which is untrue.  A kidnapping attempt is made in a park where Jax, Tara and the kids are hanging out as a stop on their road trip.  She manages to escape but the men get away and Tara is badly injured.  We see a familiar face while the family is at the park, the homeless woman that seems to be everywhere that Jax goes, what Sutter calls his “little bit of magic”.  Tara is lost when she suffers a grievous injury to her hand during the attack.  She doesn’t see how she can perform surgery anymore and feels trapped in Charming by her injury.  I can’t handle pitiful Tara, but only because Maggie Siff is so good at conveying her misery that it thoroughly depresses me.

Gemma sees how far Clay has gone after she figures out that he is the one that put the hit on Tara.  He tries to call off the hit altogether and gets him money back from the cartel, but they can’t let it go and still see Tara as a threat.  They decide to make another attempt on her life when things calm down and she gets out of the hospital.  Gemma confronts Clay and pulls a gun on him.  When it discharges he becomes enraged and beats Gemma to a pulp.  His hands don’t seem to bother him at all.  She talks to Unser after the fight and tells him that he was right, Clay can’t be saved but that he has to die by the hand of a “Son” rather than going down for Piney’s death through the legal system.

Commentary: Episode 4.10, “Hands”:  This is a very charming commentary with Kurt Sutter, Maggie Siff and Katey Sagal.  Because of the prominence in disc 2 of the women, Sutter thought the commentary would be better served by getting the woman’s perspective on things.  It is a refreshing change from the previous disc’s commentary. Though enjoyable, it was a little testosterone heavy.

Deleted Scenes:  Just as in the first disk, these scenes round out the story well, filling in, not holes so much as divots, that fans will notice and will appreciate getting a little more explanation for them.

Season Five of Sons of Anarchy premieres on FX September 11, 2012 at 10PM E/P.  Get ready!  To read the review for Sons of Anarchy Season Four, Disc One Click HERE.

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