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SONS OF ANARCHY “Authority Vested” Recap – Don’t Let Your Guard Down

*Beware: Spoilers ahead*

Sutter put it all on the line in the Season Five premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy (SOA).  He and the whole SOA crew keep things moving with the second episode of that season, “Authority Vested”.  Jax and Chibs are still hiding out at Nero’s place while Sheriff Roosevelt searches for the two men, as well as Tig.  The guys bring their lawyer in to the brothel for a meeting to figure out what their best bet is.  After briefing her, they put a plan in place.  Ultimately they have the burden of proving that Otto’s testimony was false in order to squash the case against them.  All of this has to happen to save their deal with the CIA and to make sure they don’t stay in prison while the Niners are out to get them.

Tig calls the guys to let them know where he is and so they can come get him and help him find daughter number two, Fawn before she suffers the same fate as Dawn.  Tara doesn’t want Jax to go search out Tig’s daughter, she is afraid he will be picked up and is worried about their own family.  I know she is meant to be a strong character and she’s endured a lot, but I feel like that endurance is also weakness.  To continue to put her kids in danger and allow Jax to put them all at risk, then apologize for wanting the best for her family seems weak to me.  I’m just not a fan of Tara, Maggie Siff is a different story, she plays Tara perfectly.  Jax distracts her with the suggestion of a wedding at the brothel before the guys turn themselves in.  Aside from the unromantic nature of their upcoming nuptials, Tara’s ability to be exempt from testifying against Jax once they are married is helpful.

Tig and the other Sons find Fawn after all.  She is at a house filled with black guys, which is a trigger for Tig after everything that is going on.  Not that there is any love lost even when the men in question aren’t Niners.  He finds Fawn in a compromising position and almost shoots her boyfriend.  When she gathers herself, he tells her and her boyfriend that she needs to leave town and lay low for a while, but doesn’t give her an explanation.  When she presses Tig about what he told Dawn, she realizes what has happened to her sister and loses it.  The men convince Fawn’s boyfriend that if he cares about her he will get her out of town.  They give them money and leave Chibs behind to ensure that they take care of things.  The book is open on Fawn, we’ll have to wait to see what happens with her.

Unser survived his previous beating by the mysterious men (Nomads) that have been attacking people close to the club.  He calls Clay to come home and see what has happened.  The sheriff is called to investigate and he threatens to take down the club if any innocent people start getting hurt.  Unser goes to Roosevelt to ask him for professional courtesy, opening the door on yet another mutually beneficial partnership between the law and the club.

Clay is a master manipulator.  He has Bobby take him to see Opie under the pretense of telling him “the truth” about what happened between he and Piney.  Opie doesn’t buy it, but does buy into Clays speech about how Jax needs him back at the table since he is going to turn himself in and won’t have anyone sitting at the table in his stead.  Clay’s intention is not to put Opie back at the table though.  Opie plays right into his hands, going to see Lyla to ask her to take the kids and a ridiculous amount of money while he’s gone, but he doesn’t say where he is going.

Nero and Jax bond after the two take a ride together.  Nero has to stop at a home for disabled kids and Jax sees him with a young boy on crutches.  He finds out that the boy is Nero’s son.  He has Spina Bifida, the result of a junkie mom.  If anyone knows the consequences of having a baby with a junkie, it’s Jax.  During their outing the two men pick up a Niner tail, but Nero takes care of it with an intense game of chicken.  The wedding moves forward, almost without Gemma finding out about it, but not quite.  She shows up with the marriage license that was delivered and she intercepted it.  Though she isn’t thrilled, Gemma lets Tara know she is the only person in the world that knows what Gemma is going through.  She also brings the rings that she and John exchanged, moving forward with the John/Gemma, Jax/Tara storyline.  The romance continues with the man officiating being available because he was already at the brothel as a client and is in a hurry to leave.

Jax meets up with Romeo just before all of the men turn themselves in.  He lets the agent know that they need his help to stay out of prison and to ensure their safety.  The club doesn’t get a definite answer regarding whether or not they will receive help from the CIA or not, but the men turn themselves in anyway.  We find out where Opie was planning on going when he assaults the sheriff and earns himself a place among his peers in the paddy wagon.  Clays plan works out perfectly when there is no one left at the table that is loyal to Jax over him.  The episode ends with Gemma returning to Nero’s bedroom and Pope finding out the Sons are heading to prison.  The boys are hoping against hope that Romeo comes through for them, if they even make it as far as the prison walls.

The power struggle is still in play, Clay is not out of the picture, not at all.  I am looking forward to seeing how the prison issue plays out.  Will Pope attack the truck while they are in transit or will he wait and take them down inside?  Will they all make it back out?

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