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SNL Highlights: Seth MacFarlane’s Ryan Lochte, Psy at Lids

Saturday Night Live kicked off the season with Seth MacFarlane and Frank Ocean to mixed  results. While Frank Ocean is crazy talented (the video game set up with John Mayer was definitely something that got us buzzing) the focus of the episode was Seth. He was in nearly every sketch and I’m sure had a good amount of input in the writing process as he got his start in the industry as a writer and then voice actor.

This season could definitely been seen as the show in a “rebuilding year” since Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg left to pursue film careers, Abby Elliot left to try out scripted television, and Jason Sudekis is really only there to continue his Mitt Romney impression. Given all that, the season premiere was met with a resounding “mediocre” but there was enough promise there to get me excited for the season to come.

Psy Button at Lids

The viral video sweeping the nation is the Psy “Gangham Style” K-Pop music video. It’s a damn catchy tune, even without understanding the lyrics, and the dance is so easy it’s like the new generation’s Macarena. Watch Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, and the rest take on Psy’s dance movies:

Ryan Lochte on Weekend Update

While the Olympics are over, we’re still discussing some of the games’ biggest breakouts. One such break out was Ryan Lochte. He was attractive, talented, and poised to take over the crown currently worn by Michael Phelps. However, he kind of burned out after one race and proved to be dumb as a post with each and every interview. Now he gets the SNL treatment in Weekend Update with Seth MacFarlane and Seth Meyers. We give this sketch 3 swims!

What were your favorite sketches from the season premiere over the weekend? Sound off in the comments!


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