Relive the Magic: The Trailer for GOBLET OF FIRE

I thought this time we’d do something different, instead of a clip from one of the Harry Potter films I thought we’d take a look back at a trailer for Goblet of Fire. It’s cool to look back at all the trailers for each of the films and compare them! If you remember, Goblet of Fire had the Triwizard Tournament, which had the Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic staying at Hogwarts for the competition, in which Harry’s name had been mysteriously put in the goblet and he was forced to compete in the dangerous tournament. This film also had the first real epic battle between Voldemort (yes, that’s right I said his name) and Harry.

Here’s the trailer:

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”aFhCLiGvb08″ player=”scin001″ width=”560″ height=”315″ ]

Which trailer for the Harry Potter films was your favorite? There are many to choose from! Sound off below with your thoughts about Goblet of Fire and it’s trailer!





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