FRANCINE Official Trailer Starring Melissa Leo

Check out the trailer for Francine, which stars Melissa Leo, Keith Leonard, Victoria Charkut, Dave Clark, and Michael Halstead. It was selected for SXSW and the Berlin International Film Festival.

The synopsis:

Taciturn ex-con Francine (Melissa Leo) has difficulty adjusting to life in a small lakeside town when she begins working with animals, and finds herself growing increasingly isolated from the community. Unable to form the human connections that will help her to re-assimilate into society, Francine falls into a tragic cycle of anti-social behavior.

Here’s the trailer:

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”k_0u0GiYZec” player=”scin001″ width=”560″ height=”315″ ]


It’s going to be released in theaters soon – September 12, 2012. Melissa Leo is one of the best actresses in the industry and she always delivers unforgettable performances. It looks as if this will be more of the same!

Are you going to see this film? Sound off below in the comments section with your thoughts!



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