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Nintendo Announce Details For The Launch Of The Wii-U

As the holiday season grows ever closer, doubts were beginning to form in people’s minds about whether the Wii-U would actually make an appearance this year. However in a direct broadcast to North America, Japan and Europe Nintendo revealed almost everything one would need to know about the Wii-U ranging from release dates to colours.

The biggest question that has surrounded the Wii-U has been when it will retail, and more importantly for how much. The console will launch on December 8th in Japan but will be appearing in stores earlier in North America and Europe, on the 18th November and 30th November respectively. As for a price, there a two options. The standard model will retail for $299 and features 8GB of memory, the console (in white), a gamepad, sensor bar, HDMI cable and AC adaptor in the US, and without a sensor bar in the EU.  However there is also a more expensive version, dubbed the Premium,which is black and has all the same features of the Standard console but has 32gb of memory as well as a premium subscription to  Nintendo Network. It will retail at $349.

So the Wii-U has the hardware but does it have a line up of games to match? Well, yes it does. While the line up of games does feature some that have been around for some time now, such as Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City, it does have some exciting titles including Call of Duty Black Ops II, ZombiU and an exclusive for the Wii-U Bayonetta 2.

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So there it is, finally concrete information about the Wii-U. Now Nintendo will have to wait and see if the Wii-U will mimic the holiday success of the Wii, or suffer its first few months just as Sony’s Vita did. Will Santa be brining  you a Wii-U shaped present this Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments! [IGN]

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