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NEW GIRL Season 1 DVD Review

Last season’s clear hit was New Girl on Fox. Not only did it have solid ratings throughout, but it continually improved as the season progressed. While Zooey Deschanel is the titualar character, it was when the roommates became full-fledged characters and it functioned more as an ensemble that the show finally hit the high notes.

We recapped all of Season 1, so rather than reiterate that, I’ll just call out the best and worst episodes. Disagree with my picks? Sound off in the comments!


Worst Episode:  

“Naked” is an entire episode dedicated to the fact that Jess is so sexually stunted that she can’t say the word penis. The joke went on far too long and was just infuriating to me that  a grown woman could be so childish. Plus, the side plot with guest star Lake Bell and Nick having an awkward relationship because of her overuse of sarcasm and irony just wasn’t funny while also showcasing a bad side to Nick.

Schmidt in towel

Best Episode: 

The True American Drinking Game may be this season’s lasting legacy, but as far as complete episodes go my favorite has to go to the episode that sprung the great towel argument, “Jess and Julia.” I’ve loved Lizzy Caplan since her Mean Girls days and that just grew during her run on Party Down. While our weekly recapper didn’t care for this episode, I definitely laughed throughout while watching, and then again while re-watching.

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Official Synopsis: 

New Girl is a charming, offbeat comedy about friends, flings and modern relationships. After a bad breakup, free-spirited optimist jess (Zooey Deschanel) moves in with three bachelors who have plenty of issues of their own. Winston (Lamorne Morris) is a former athlete, Nick (Jake Johnson) is a law school dropout, and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is a wannabe womanizer in love with…himself. Together with her super-hot BF Cece (Hannah Simone), this New Girl discovers that hanging out with the guys can be a challenge – and hilarious – adventure!

Special Features:

  • Commenty on Pilot Episode
  • Commentary on “Bad in Bed”
  • Dress Like Jess
  • Auditions with Lamorne
  • Alternate Jokes
  • Commentary on “See Ya”
  • New Girl: Evolution of an Episode
  • Deleted Scenes and Extended Scenes
  • Gag Reel

New Girl Season 1 on DVD is available on Amazon.

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