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For many, the biggest surprise of last year’s TV season was FX’s new horror-themed hit show, American Horror Story.  The show was filled to the brim with some version of practically every urban legend you’ve ever heard, all of it converging on one spooky house in Los Angeles.

Gearing up for their DVD release (and Season Two…I can’t wait!), FX’s American Horror Story has unveiled a fun interactive web page that allows you to search for various murder houses within your neighborhood by entering your address.  In addition to searching for houses in your area, naturally the site also lets you explore the fictional house from the show!

The interactive journey through the house allows you to find various items, each uncovering a different murder.  It reminds me a bit of the old “Myst” games I used to play so often on my personal computer years ago, albeit far creepier.  But don’t let me spoil all the fun, check out the app yourself here!  For maximum effect, I suggest playing late at night with all the lights out, but that might just be me.

Can you survive to find all the items in the house?  What secrets did you uncover about houses in your area?

American Horror Story: Asylum premieres Wednesday, October 17th at 10:00 on FX, just in time to set the mood for Halloween.  Season One will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray September 25th.

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