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DAY Z Creators Agree “We’d probably be stupid not to try” A Console Release

The zombie survival genre has always a very competitive field in the video game market. Many games have tried and failed such as Dead Island whereas others have enjoyed immeasurable success like Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise.  Whether it’s the hit or miss market or lack of creativity, there have been very few zombie games that have left an impact recently. However the Day Z mod for the realistic war game Arma II has taken the PC gaming world by storm, and now it seems the developer Bohemia is looking to continue that success on consoles.

With 1,215,357 unique players the zombie apocalypse mod has you fight for survival against hordes of the un-dead as well as other players, who could either aid or annihilate you. The success of the mod has resulted in a stand alone version to produced which is set to be released later this year. On the topic of a console port Bohemia’s Jan Kunt said that:

We’ve always wanted to make games for consoles as well. Obviously we’re a PC developer and have been for some years, but consoles have a huge market and you don’t have so many problems with piracy.

So it’s really interesting. PC is what it is, and I personally think PC players will stay as PC players, but the console has more penetration into mainstream markets. People who wouldn’t play games on PC, they buy an Xbox or PS3 as a medium to play games. So from that point of view it makes sense to go for consoles.

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Would any of you console owners play Day Z? Share your thoughts in the comments below! [VG247]

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