THE OFFICE Will Close Its Doors After Season Nine

Greg Daniels has returned as the new showrunner for Season 9 of ‘The Office‘, replacing Paul Lieberstein who recurred on the show as Toby Flenderson. Daniels, the showrunner of Seasons 1 through 4, has recently announced that the upcoming season will be the last one–for many fans coming at the right time and for many others coming too late. Despite reviews of Season 8 suggesting The Office will limp to the finish line, some in-house cleaning and creative changes might suggest otherwise.

The first question on everyone’s mind is: Will Michael Scott return for the end?

“We certainly would wish for it. We’re not going to put so much pressure on Steve by writing something that could only work if he returned. … I think for him, he really loves how he was excited and probably anxious about not messing up such a stylish exit,” Daniels said. “That’s a perfectly legitimate point.”

From a writing standpoint, when storyboarding a whole season (especially the last one) it is certainly helpful to know where the story will end. Just ask Vince Gilligan and the Breaking Bad writers. Speaking of that, Bryan Cranston is slated to direct one episode of The Office titled “Work Bus.” Be excited for that. Anyway, whether or not Steve Carell returns for the last episode, or the last few episodes, will surely affect the season as a whole.

Another uncertainty about the new season is: How will the show change surrounding the departure of Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor), and the limited involvement of B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard)? Kaling is leaving to pursue her own show, The Mindy Project, which also features her co-star from The Office Ed Helms in a recurring role and B.J. Novak as an Executive Producer.

“All questions will be answered this year,” Daniels continued. “We are going to see who’s behind the documentary and we’re going to meet some of them. A big Jim and Pam year. You’ll be pleased and excited for what we have planned for them.” As a matter of fact, the idea of the characters seeing themselves in their own documentary is something Jenna Fischer hinted at a couple years ago, and could give the show a fresh change of pace.

The Office couldn’t have been the same after Steve Carell left the show, and it can’t be the same with the changes coming in Season 9. However, since Season 8 started to give storyline to the supporting cast, and featured some of Jim’s best pranks on Dwight (among many other , the show stayed almost as funny as it always was, if not equally as much. Remember: if they try to make The Office the same as it used to be–they will fail. But if they don’t try to do more of the same (some of Season 8 definitely showed progress in that area), they might just end up producing hilarious television that is just as popular as ever.

After the season begins, be sure to check out our weekly recap/reviews of each episode of The Office.

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