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SYTYCD Highlight: “Bang Bang” Performed by Alex Wong & Eliana

This was the first week on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 that we had all-stars back on the show, and it was great to see some old faces. One of my favorites to see back was Alex Wong. For those of you who don’t know Wong, he auditioned for the show on Season 5, and wowed the judges. He was picked to be in the top 20, but was not allowed to continue on the show, as the ballet company he had contract with would not let him go. Two seasons later, he came back, and made the top 11. While on the show, he had an amazing routine with Allison, and had a hip hop with Twitch that many say is the best hip hop number ever on the show.

Sadly, Wong’s time on the show was cut short, as he lacerated his Achilles tendon a week after that number.  He came back to the dance stage last week, and paired up with our favorite ballerina Eliana to have a great performance. This number had it all. Stacey Tookey is an amazing and under appreciated choreographer on the show.  Alex and Eliana both brought their incredible training, and great acting skills to the number. And the song, recently made famous by Kill Bill, was on point.  Check out the great number below.


What was your favorite number of the night? Let us now in the comments!

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