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SYTYCD Highlight: “Addiction” performed by Lindsay & Cole

This week So You Think You Can Dance returned with a new twist on the format. Instead of the dancers doing new, original routines, they performed the best choreography from Mia Michaels that had been previously performed on the show.

This was not a good decision. All of the dancers faltered under the pressure of living up to the routines that made them want to be on the show to begin with. Not only did they buckle under the pressure, but the judges and the audience couldn’t help but compare them to the superstar predecessors. When you’re trying to fill the shoes of Twitch, Katie, Kayla, Travis and the other heavy hitters from the show – you know you’re in trouble.

It was hard to pick a highlight this week because the routines were all so similar, having all been choreographed by the same woman, and none of them surpassed the original routine. In the end, I picked the one that seemed to have the biggest difference from the original. Cole’s more robotic interpretation was certainly different from Kupono’s. Kupono was sinister, filled with malicious intent and deriving pleasure from Kayla’s struggle. Here, Cole is unfeeling and has the robotic, jerky movements at times to go along with his interpretation of the character.

Watch Cole and Lindsay dance to “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles here:

What was your favorite Mia Michaels’ routine this week? Sound off in the comments!

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