REINCARNATED Documentary Trailer Follows Snoop Doggs “Rise” to Snoop Lion

While there has been much eyebrow raising about 40-year-old rapper Snoop Dogg changing his name to Snoop Lion due to a spiritual awakening, his upcoming documentary Reincarnated seems to explain to viewers the reasoning behind his peculiar behaviour. Although this may not be everyone’s slice of cake, if you’re a rap or hip-hop fan, a fan of Snoop or simply interested in the Rastafarian culture, Reincarnated is the movie for you.

Reincarnated is a documentary which follows Snoop Dogg on a trip he takes to Jamaica to record his new album with Diplo. While some may, at first glance, dub this a movie about a rapper’s show of wealth, good-times and hot gals, Reincarnated seems to be something of the contrary.

The trailer shows that the documentary will be about a rapper’s change from making it rain, to making a change. Scenes from when Snoop Dogg is in Jamaica seem peaceful and even meditative as the banging of a solemn drum plays in the background. The trailer goes back and forth from scenes of Snoop’s fame and glory to subtler moments of him partaking in spiritual acts of Rastafarian culture. In one scene he even denounces everything he’s ever rapped about and is ready to create something new, something perhaps, meaningful.

Reincarnated premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival September 7, 2012 and it seems like the old Dogg is really out of his cage. Instead, be ready to hear the roar of a lion.


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