Opening This Weekend: August 10, 2012

It’s Friday and of course that means new movies are going to be hitting the big screen all over North America tonight, so here’s a small guide to what may be worth your money and what isn’t.

First off we have the newest installment in the Bourne saga, The Bourne Legacy hopes to match the success of the previous trilogy. However, early reviews of the film seem mixed as some people didn’t enjoy the tacked on romance and the lack of action scenes. You can check out our review of the film Here and see what we thought.

Next up, is the on screen pairing of real life friends Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis in The CampaignThe film takes some of the pair’s best comedic characters from past endeavors and places them against each other in a slew of one liners and awkward moments. The movie has high expectations and is currently seeing decent early reviews, for comedy fans this film would be a great choice.

Julie Delpy is back this weekend and once again with another 2 Days film, this time however it’s in New York. This film pairs Delpy who plays a french photographer is paired with Chris Rock, who plays radio host Mingus. The film looks to be another cool classic for anyone who enjoys a film about dialog more than action. 2 Days in New York is currently sitting at a cool 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t miss our review here. 

Also, opening this weekend is the 3D take on Dickhouse’s Nitro Circus: The Movie hits like a bus full of people flying at 167 ft. The film won’t win any awards but nor is it attempting too. The movie is a compilation of stunts and is bound to be hilarious, but whether or not that means it’s worth the price of admission is up to you the viewer.

Finally for those of you in the mood for something completely different we have Meet The FokkensThis film focuses on a pair of sixty nine year old identical twins who are prostitutes on the streets of Amsterdam. Due to the content of the film it may be hard to find it in a theater near you, but for those tired of the mainstream this might just be the film you are looking for.

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