Michael J. Fox Brings Even More Laughs to NBC in 2013

Recently while writing in front of the TV as I most often do, I found myself watching an old episode of Family Ties and reflecting on Michael J. Fox‘s career and overall character.  I started really missing seeing him on TV and wondered if he would venture back into a starring role.  I also pondered whether or not anyone was planning some kind of social commentary on Parkinson’s disease via television.  I hoped it wouldn’t be by way of another misguided reality show and wondered if Michael J. Fox would get behind such a project or shun it.

Lo and behold, my questions have been answered!  Michael J. Fox is slated to star in a new comedy on NBC mirroring aspects of  his own life dealing with family, work and Parkinson’s disease.  If Michael J. Fox being the star of this project wasn’t enough for you, check out the other names attached to this project.  Writer Sam Laybourne of Arrested Development and Cougar Town fame has been named as one of the writers for the comedy.  Both shows have an exceptionally strong cult following and both have seen a resurrection from the TV graveyard of cancellation.  Along with Laybourne and Fox, Will Gluck will be working on the project as director and executive producer.  Gluck’s most recent work includes directing Friends with Benefits and the hilarious Easy A.  He is also connected to several short-lived TV series from 1999-2007.

I predict that Glucks venture back into TV will be a success, how can you go wrong with Michael J. Fox.  Putting aside his run on Family Ties, he killed it on Spin City and in his recurring role as Daniel Post on Boston Legal.  If anyone knows what it takes to be successful in TV it’s Michael J. Fox.  NBC obviously agrees in that they have given a bright green light to the show in the form of a straight-to-series order for 22 episodes.

I can’t wait to see who will be Fox’s supporting cast and the writing will no doubt be quality, it just seems like common sense to put Gluck and Laybourne together on a project like this.  My expectations are high for this partnership.  The series is yet to be named and no other members of the cast have been revealed.  This new NBC comedy is expected to premiere in Fall 2013 and will begin shooting soon.

Think you’ve got a good title for this Micheal J. Fox comedy?  Share in the comments!

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