LITTLE WHITE LIES Trailer: Laughs with a Greater Meaning

Written and directed by Guillaume Canet (Tell No One), Little White Lies is a French comedy-drama film which includes a star striking cast of Academy Award winners Jean Dujardin and Marion Cotillard along with other talents such as François Cluzet, Benoît Magimel and Pascale Arbillot to name a few. The movie, though it has been around since 2010, comes out in theaters in the US on August 24, 2012.

Little White Lies centers around a group of friends that decide a near-fatal crash which left one of their friends hospitalized should not disrupt their summer plans together. However, while on vacation, their secrets, failed relationships, desires, miseries and essentially “little white lies”, begin to expose themselves as they find their relationships with one another on the verge of collapsing.

Originally entitled The Small Handkerchiefs in reference to a French expression meaning, “to put something in your pocket with a handkerchief on top of it”, the title indicates the main theme of the movie where the characters are all trying to hide aspects of their lives, trying to cover something up or deciding to look away in the meanwhile. All in all, the trailer leaves the audience anticipating some good times and great laughs from the characters but with the underlying ever-present vibe that something graver is about to unravel itself.

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