LIBERAL ARTS Trailer – Josh Radnor’s Sophomore Film

Liberal Arts is Josh Radnor’s second film where he wrote, directed and starred. His best accomplishment thus far, hiring Elizabeth Olsen as his romantic counter-part. Suffice to say, the lady is on every “up and coming” best actress list of the next generation. By the way, its uncanny how much she looks like her sisters. The story is about Radnor’s character Jesse, a 35-year old who falls in love with a hot, too mature for her age 19-year old college student Zibby (only in indie films do people have these names). And their love blossoms on a college campus in Ohio, hence the title. The film was actually shot at Kenyon College, located in Ohio, which is also Radnor’s alma mater.

The film premiered at Sundance back in January. It looks cute, but who really knows. His first film, happythankyoumoreplease, did not nearly come close to knocking my socks off, but I didn’t hate it. I think Radnor’s scruffy, depressed, melo-dramatic version of himself gets a little tiring – hopefully he’s not that guy the entire film. Radnor was able to recruit some solid acts to also star: Zac Efron, Elizabeth Reaser, Allison Janney, and Richard Jenkins. It comes to theaters September 14, 2012.

Check out the trailer:

[springboard type=”youtube” id=”BqIuv_JX5wM” player=”scin001″ width=”560″ height=”315″ ]

Here’s the film’s official poster:

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