LA Invasion: You Can Be Like Marilyn Monroe!

Ladies, have you ever longed to have that cool sensuality that Marilyn Monroe effortlessly exuded in her films? She was so confident, beautiful, and coiffed. To celebrate the release of Forever Marilyn: The Blu-Ray CollectionDry Bar in Los Angeles added The Old-Fashioned to their list of hairstyles for the month of August.

We watched a lot of Marilyn Monroe movies recently, so to be able to emulate her style was so much fun! At Dry Bar, they only do hairstyles – no cuts, no color – but they do what they do so well.

For movie buffs, not only can you get Marilyn hair, but you can enjoy watching her movies (or other chick flicks) while sipping on some wine and getting your hair styled. It was a pretty relaxing afternoon outting, with some fantastic results.

If you’re in LA, check out Dry Bar this week to get the Marilyn “Old Fashioned” hairstyle.

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