HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET Trailers Tease the Mystery

House at the End of the Street starring Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas and The Karate Kid) and Max Thieriot (My Soul to Take) is an upcoming horror film sure to have you shaking in your socks.

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Elissa, the daughter of divorcee Sarah (Elisabeth Shue), who moves into a new house with her mother in a small town. To ruin the peace, chilling and mysterious events begin to occur when the two learn of the town’s murderous and haunting secret. When Elissa becomes involved with Ryan (Max Thieriot), who is the sole survivor of the chilling occurrence that took place in the town just years earlier, everyone gets entangled in a deep and dark web of mystery. Check out this haunting poster:


Judging by the trailer, the movie seems to really play on the minds of its viewers as it shows flashbacks and a lingering ghost-like voice in the background whispering distressing phrases as if to communicate messages of evil from the grave. The mystery aspect of the film is apparent in the trailer as small clips leave the viewers pondering as to what the background story of the horror really is. In my opinion, House at the End of the Street will be far more entertaining than your average run-of-the-mill scary movie as it also incorporates mystery, a seemingly intricate plot to follow and action scenes. The fast-paced movement in the trailer suggests a lot of action in the film and the characters taking matters into their own hands. One sure sign that viewers may be cheering on Jennifer Lawrence once again.

This psychological thriller directed by Mark Tonderai, comes out in theatres September 21, 2012. Even if you’ll be the one in the theatre covering your eyes the whole time (like me), it will surely be a heart pumping experience you won’t want to miss! If you don’t believe me take a look at the two trailers yourself!


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