Happy 100th Birthday, Gene Kelly: Our Favorite Moments

He would have been 100 years old today. I thought it would be nice to look at memorable moments in Gene Kelly’s career. He was so talented, a true entertainer.

Here’s “I’m Singing in the Rain“:

I love this so much. It makes me so happy and it’s such an iconic scene in film history. There’s not one person on earth who hasn’t wanted to sing in the rain like that.


Here’s Gene tap dancing in roller skates in the film It’s Always Fair Weather:

Honestly, can anyone out there tap dance on roller skates? I sure can’t.

Here’s “Good Morning” with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’ Connor:

I dare you to try to not want to sing along!



Here’s a part from An American in Paris:


Gene Kelly was the man. He sang, acted, danced, I mean he did it ALL. He’s a Hollywood icon who inspired so many people, myself included. What are some of your favorite Gene Kelly moments? Has he inspired you in any way? Sound off below in the comments area and let us know!

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