TRUE BLOOD: “We’ll Meet Again” Recap of Ep. 52

Episode 52 and counting… “We’ll Meet Again”

So which vampire met their “true death” this week?  Keep reading and find out.  The episode picks up with Tara still trying to do away with herself via tanning bed.  Those UV lights can be way more dangerous than any of us ever thought.  But Pam arrives and uses those special three words to get her to stop, “As your maker…”.  Also commanded her to never try something like that again.  Frustrated and still trying to wrap her brand new fangs around the reality that is her being a vampire, Tara quits her UV roast and lets out a “Damn” for good measure.

Snookie has just told Alcide the truth about Debbie and Lafayette overhears which makes him mad something quite awful.  He goes on about everyone always trying to protect her but her not returning the favor when needed.  He storms off but not referring to her as the “Angel of Death”.  Not exactly a cool nickname that anyone might want to have.

Bill and Eric are dropped off in the middle of Bon Temps to begin their mission of locating and retrieving Russell Edginton.  Not really knowing exactly how to go about accomplishing this task, they decide to try to find out who else could have possible known about his whereabouts.

Meanwhile the Guardian and his head mistress try to scheme out a plan to get Nora to confess who she was working with/for in her plight to go against the Authority.  They finally release her and threaten to kill both Eric and Bill.  First, she acts as though she doesn’t care whether they live or die but then changes her mind after Guardian whips out his iPhone and holds his vampy finger over the “iStake” app which will immediately destroy Eric and Bill.

Sam is visited at Merlotte’s by a couple of members from the shifter group that he used to run with.  After refusing, they manage to coax him into meeting them to perhaps rekindle the bond that they all created before things between him and Luna got all edgy.  Before this, Sookie gets a “headful” from hearing everyone’s judgmental thoughts about her and what she did to Tara.  She nearly loses it from this and hides out in Sam’s office for a moment.

Stricken with guilt, she storms into Jason’s house and confesses all of her sins to him instructing him to take her to prison.  His initial reaction of “Jesus Christ!” after hearing what happened to Tara literally made me LOL.  After that, he tells her to be quiet and that he’ll pretend he didn’t hear any of it, of course no doubt because he doesn’t want to place his sister in jail.  Having had been in the back room the whole time, Jessica reveals herself shocked almost as much as Jason is.

Bill and Eric return to Fangtasia where they find out what has happened to Tara and to question Pam about anything that she might know about Russell’s disappearance.  This encounter between Pam and Eric eventually leads to the latter releasing his “child” as her maker and leaving her to now “raise” Tara as he did her.

Alcide pays a visit to his late ex-girlfriend’s parents in order to try to explain to them what happened to their daughter.  He begins the story but leaves out many specific details about her demise.  Such like the fact that Sookie killed her, he replaced that bit of info with a lie about Marcus, the pack master, getting a bit too physical with her and taking her life.  After which, Alcide found out and did away with him himself.  They seem to believe him, and after a very emotional exchange, they pack up and leave town.

They inform Andy and tell him they found out what they wanted to know and that they were leaving.  Despite this phone call, Andy insists to Deputy Jason that he won’t drop the case and wants to find out just what happened to Debbie.  Jessica then zooms in and glamours the Sheriff into completely forgetting about the case altogether.

Terry and Patrick go on their road trip searching for the missing member of their unit who they think are killing off the rest of the them.  During the trip, we are taken into the past finding out just what how the lot of them “accidentally” murdered a group of innocent people after drinking themselves silly while on duty.  The find their friends bunker along with enough firepower to start another war right before they find themselves staring down the barrel of one of his guns.

In one of the always weird scenes, Lafayette walks by Sookie’s car and turns into the witch-demon-brujo thing that Jesus passed onto him.  He does something to it which we later discover was disabling the brakes.  She manages to bail out just before it totals.  This near brush with death combined with all of the guilt on her mind drives her home to drink…heavily.

After taking the judge up on an offer to hang out, Jason and Andy find themselves at a hidden club which are filled with fairies.  This is most likely where the male fairy from last week managed to lose Jessica.  While there, he reunites with his and Sookie’s cousin, Hadley, who explains to him that they need to get Sookie there to protect her from eventually being drained by a vampire.  She also lets slip that his parents were actually killed by vampires and not a flood.  Enter drama/curiosity.

Andy also discovers someone he knew from the past.  A fairy named Morela, with whom he once stumbled upon one night last season and they hooked up.  Instantly they pick up exactly where they left off.  So much for Ms. Holly being his girlfriend and all.

Back at the Authority, we find out that Nora must have finally cracked because the Guardian has all of the members of the vampire authority quarters searched.  He eventually finds what he’s looking for because one of them meets their demise at his hands.  The bloody mess reminds everyone that any deviation from mainstreaming will never be tolerated.

Alcide shows up at a very drunk Sookie’s house where he explained what he told Debbie’s parents and she makes him drinks.  One thing leads to another and it’s the beginnings of full fairy on wolf action.  But just outside her house stand Bill and Eric who discuss using Sookie and her talents to assist them in their mission of finding Russell.

The plot thickens…but as you wait for it to become even thicker, go forth and do bad things.


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