TRUE BLOOD: “Somebody I Used to Know” Episode Recap

Episode 56 and counting… “Somebody I Used to Know”


After stopping Sookie from attempting to rid herself of her fairy powers, Jason and she decide to ask the other fairies for help in finding out exactly what happened to their parents.  After debating with them about the risks involved, the fairy members agree to try to revisit the night the brother and sister’s parents were killed by returning to the place where it happened.

Bill, Eric and the other members of the Vampire Authority awake from their drug-induced night out where they massacred an entire family in a karaoke bar.  After the visit from Godric, Eric realizes that they are wrong in what they are doing and tries to change Nora’s mind about her allegiances.  But it seems that she may not be the only vampire that needs rescuing.  Bill appears to be slowly slipping onto their side after reluctantly feeding on captured mother.

Hoyt again find himself in the presence of his ex, Jessica, after she is silvered and brought up to a secluded cabin by the supernatural hate group that he recently joined.  Unbeknownst to him about her capture, he is torn between putting a wooden bullet in her head and what he still feels for her.

After Sam saves Luna from another attack, this time inside the hospital, she loses her composure and involuntarily shifts into, well Sam, for some reason.  She steals some clothes and escapes the hospital. Meanwhile Sam and Andy are trying to force their apprehended hate suspect to give up the whereabouts of his gang’s location.  This leads all of them to the same cabin where they have Jessica hold up.

Turns out Hoyt decided to help her and is off looking for some help.  What he finds is the complete opposite as a passer-by on the road pulls a gun on him.  Enter audience speculation and suspicion on who this person might be.

Alcide and J.D. square off for the title of pack master.  Only the latter has the advantage of “V” coursing through his system.  He also decides to use a human as the hunting target for the two of them to prey upon.  Refusing to track a human, Alcide bows out of the competition but still finds himself enthralled with J.D. trying to stop him from killing the fleeing human.  Hopped up on “V”, J.D. gets the upper hand but is stopped from finishing off out favorite wolf by Martha who also feels that all of what he is doing is wrong.

Lafayette returns from the capture of Jesus’ uncle and is immediately requested to “act” as a medium by Arlene and Holly in order to get Terry to come back home.  Initially he is only supposed to pretend to contact the woman that Terry murdered and tell him that she forgives him.  But things get very real when the dead woman actually visits the group and informs them the only way that she will lift the curse is if one of them kills the other.

Tara is visited by old high school rival who is a racist as she is a bitch.  After some very not-so-cordial banter between the two of the them, Pam steps in and “scolds” Tara for her back talk.  Later on we discover that Pam has rewarded Tara by capturing the woman and glamoring her into being Tara’s slave.  What a reward.

Sookie and Jason find out what happened to their parents during a look into the past that of course goes through Sookie.  She has a vision that places her in a first person perspective of the vampire that killed her parents.  Apparently his name is Warlow and her original fairy godmother knew him and even tried to stop him.  The plot thickens.

After not being to change Nora’s mind about what she’s doing, Eric realizes she no longer has any respect for Godric or possibly for him either.  The authority convenes to think up a way to completely dissolve mainstreaming for good.  The best idea falls from Bill’s head to blow up the factories that make True Blood.  This should cause the mainstreaming vampires to go hungry.  They will then be forced to feed on humans to survive.  The war now begins.

But until we are all called to fight, you can still go forth and do bad things.


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