TRUE BLOOD: “Hopeless” Episode Re-cap

Episode 54 and counting… “Hopeless”


So after Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric finally find the great and thought-to-be-staked Russell Edginton, the foot men of the Authority show up and take the oldest living vampire into their custody.  After quite the very tasteful and curse word laced verbal tirade from the latter, Eric and Bill are ordered to glamour Sookie and Alcide into forgetting everything that happened.

Eric erases Alcide’s memory, including some unnecessary orders to never touch Sookie in a romantic way ever again. Oh Eric, always the selfish one.  Meanwhile Bill “pretends” to glamour Sookie but still saying all the words he needs to explain that they can never see one another ever again, “It will be as if we never met”.  So sad but very necessary if he wants to keep her safe and off the authority’s radar.

Tara and Jessica have some literal fighting words in addition to some very literal punches and kicks thrown after Jessica catches Tar biting Hoyt.  He then somehow figures this act to mean that Jessica still has feelings for him.  He propositions her to do anything she wants with him but she refuses and tries to convince him to stop being something that he is definitely not.

Lafayette pays a visit to his mother, who is still in her home for the elderly, after the both of them are visited by Jesus’ head with its mouth sewn shut mumbling something that no one can understand.  She informs him that he needs to find Jesus and help him out of whatever sort of trouble he might be in.

The vampire Authority foot men gather all of the humans that were being used to feed Mr. Edginton and dispose of them all.  Only as vampires can of course.  A crying Sookie and a completely clueless Alcide begin their trip home.  Sookie explains all of the events of the past night to her werewolf friend as well as un-glamourizes him after he “recoils” from her touch.

Sam and Luna are ousted off to the hospital after both being nearly fatally shot by a group of supernatural killing humans.  Sam then forces Andy into letting him help the Sheriff conduct an investigation into just who is behind all of these killings.  This leads them to the supernatural protection shop selling all the supplies needed to take out non-humans at will.

After Terry and Patrick nearly escape the Ifrit who killed their friends in a fiery blaze, Terry finds Arlene and informs her that he can’t be near her anymore.  He doesn’t want to bring any harm upon their family and decides to leave.  Not being able to bear the thought of being left yet again, this time with another child to feed, she attempts to get him to stay.  But after seeing how determined he is, she very reluctantly lets him leave.

After Alcide gets his memory restored, he remembers that the new pack master, J.D., was in on the Russell Edginton hiding.  He arrives at a pack meeting and declares himself above all the brand new pack master.  After one of the female wolves second’s his self-nomination, Alcide and J.D. decide to square off at a later time to see which one of them will be the undisputed head pack master.

Jason has another strange dream that includes only his father this time which prompts him into feeling that something vampiry really did happen to his parents and enlists Sookie’s help in finding out just what.  They find their way to the hidden fairy club and question their cousin, Hadley.  After she spills the beans on what may have happened to their parents, Sookie finds herself in a stand-off with some other fairies.

Back at the Authority, Guardian prepares Russell Edginton for execution while Eric discovers where Nora’s true beliefs lie and it’s not with the Authority.  In a possible “I-saw-this-coming” turn of events, Russell manges to break free of his captivity and submit the Guardian to the true death.  So sad that Det. Stable could only last half of a season.

I have a pretty good feeling that the unknown female accomplice that freed Russell from his concrete tomb in the first place is either Guardian’s female right-hand man or Nora herself.  Or maybe even a brand new character that none of us know about.  I’m throwing my guesses in with the first choice.

I’m sure we will find out soon enough..’til then, go forth and do bad things.


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