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You wouldn’t think that a(nother) film based on arguably, one of the most popular superheroes ever would have a lot going against it. Surprisingly, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has had a lot of detractors. A lot of them even before they had seen a single frame of the finished product. It’s never fair to label a film so haphazardly whether the label is good or bad. It puts that film on a pedestal where it has no choice but to either stand or fall. Yes, it’s a reboot that was planned and shot before the previous Sam Raimi franchise even had a chance to have been forgotten about (seriously though, as if anyone could ever forget the abysmal SPIDER-MAN 3). That’s the biggest gripe people seem to have against this film, and to that the best question that can be asked is; So what?

So what if it’s a reboot with mostly the same plot? So what if he has to build his own web shooters? So what if this time he’s a high school student the entire time? Did you really let the director of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER direct this film because his last name is Webb? So what to any of your inane uptight questions, especially that last stupid one? If it’s a better movie, none of those dumb questions matter. And you know what? It is a better movie!

Many scoffed at the notion of Andrew Garfield reprising a role that some had though Tobey Maguire had done surprisingly well. The iconic character that is Mary Jane Watson wouldn’t be in this reboot, instead it would be Gwen Stacy. Even though the popular up and coming actress Emma Stone was cast in the role, it remained to be seen whether or not she could pull off such a big role.

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker truly embodies that character the way he was written in comics. He’s lanky, a smartass, he’s brilliant. He’s not just good at science smart, but is geneticist scientist smart. Nothing about what he does on screen is overdone and he mixes in confidence with nerdy humility to perfection.

Garfield and Stone have tremendous chemistry together, and since the film is essentially a film of two halves, Marc Webb proves to have been the perfect director for this role. Only the director who so perfectly captured a tenuous yet beautiful relationship in 500 Days of Summer could tackle a burgeoning relationship as complicated as a newly powered up superhero and the daughter of the police chief who’s taken the task of stopping him. Every significant moment of their relationship is done so well, you’ll almost be ok with the fact that it takes almost an hour for Peter Parker to get into the Spidey suit.

Once he does get into the suit though, that final hour is done incredibly well. With a lot of superhero films, there’s maybe only one sequence that stands out from the rest of the movie (looking at you SPIDER-MAN 2) but with The Amazing Spider-Man, nearly every sequence is done, well, amazingly.

For the fans who had been longing to see the villain The Lizard, they’ll surely be pleased by what they see here. Rhys Ifans may not be a name many are familiar with, but his face certainly is. As a villain he’s menacing, but more impressively, he’s someone that can really put a beating on Spider-Man. He’s a villain that Spidey needs to defeat with his brains and his brawn.

You’re free to think whatever you’d like to before seeing the movie, but before you do, ask yourself one question; What do you want out of a Spider-Man movie? Ask yourself that and really think about the answer, because you may just find that Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man will deliver exactly what you’ve been wanting to see from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Plus, no jazz club dance scene (Spider-Man 3, you suck).

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