TCM Announces Slate of Upcoming “Summer Under the Stars” Marathons

Fans of classic cinema will have a good excuse to stay inside during the dog days of August as Turner Classic Movies launches the newest edition of “Summer Under the Stars,” a month-long salute to 31 legendary actors and actresses.  Every day, TCM will honor one performer with a 24-hour movie marathon, from John Wayne on August 1 to James Caan on August 31.  (Never thought you’d see Rollerball on TCM, did you?)

Entire programming days will also be dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ginger Rogers, and a full round of Tarzan serials starring Johnny Weissmuller to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most famous creation.  Also notable are the tributes to Lillian Gish, which will span almost 50 years of her filmography including her work in silent films, and Toshiro Mifune, which will feature rare broadcast showings of Kurosawa masterpieces like Rashomon and Seven Samurai.

Screen Invasion was all over the TCM Classic Film Festival this past April, and it was a blast to devour classic film after classic film.  Summer Under the Stars sounds like this experience on steroids, in the comfort of your own home!  It’s a smart bit of counter-programming for the cable network to attract eyeballs during a typically lackluster period for movies and television.

You can print out the whole schedule from the TCM website and plan your vacation days accordingly.  Which marathon are you most likely to watch?

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