TAKEN 2 domestic trailer teases a ‘family affair’

After an already substantial career as a leading man, actor Liam Neeson has seemingly hit his stride as an action star with 2008’s Taken.

With the domestic trailer for the film’s anticipated sequel, Taken 2 is aiming to knock-out fans yet again with more shoot-em-up moments and a tale of vengeance that will force Bryan Mills’ family to get into the game.

It seems the movie is playing up to the idea that sequels should not only logically carry on the story of their pilot films, but should expand on them in ways that will emotionally invest the audience in the characters presented.

While revenge stories are a dime a dozen in recent years, seeing Neeson battles his way through a whole family of put-off sex-traffickers should be well worth the price of the ride.

Taken 2 hits theaters October 5.

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