SDCC ’12: TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN PART 2 Press Conference Live-Blog

Alright, the fun is about to begin! As this is a live blog of the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference, please excuse any typos as they go up. They’ll be corrected at the end of the conference once the madness has quieted down. I’m also forced to do this from my iPhone because of poor wifi so bear with me.

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First up is the Cullen clan: Liz Reiser, Ashley Greene, Peter Faccinelli, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, and Jackson Rathbone!

What souvenirs did you take from set? And does it feel like its over?
Ashley: I took Alice’s necklace. This is the first event marking the end – the last Comic Con. It won’t feel real until the premieres.

How did you celebrate the ending?
Liz: You never knew when it was going to end because of second units. There was a scene where Peter and I were just walking through the forest and then they told us we were wrapped. It was surreal.

How was it being twice the size of Kristen and having her be stronger than you?
Kellan: I was looking forward to this arm-wrestling scene since reading the books. It was fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing that scene in the movies.

What film was your favorite to film and why?
Liz: The first one was so fun, we had no idea what we were getting in to.
Jackson: Doing those epicly long Cullen shoots were fun because everyones together.
Kellan: The first one – we could get in trouble since it was before it blew up. For the other movies we had to be more…careful.
Peter: I remember going to that indoor warehouse where we got to play indoor baseball which was a lot of fun.

How was it interacting with the fans last night?
Nikki: it’s different since there’s a bit of familiarity now. I’m really beginning to recognize how amazing this whole thing has been. It’s so hard to grab people’s attention in this day and age.

What is gonna catch Twi-hard fans by surprise the most?
Liz: There’s some scary and heightened things with Peter and I…
Jackson: Seeing all the international vampires will be interesting to see.

What did Bill Condon bring to the movies as the only one to do 2 films?
Jackson: It felt breezy and effortless. He’s a great director for actors.
Peter: when you do a movie it’s like going on a journey and the director is the captain. He’ll take time to sit down and talk to you about your scene and that was a treat.
Liz: Bill has taken these stories to another level.

Can you give us some insight into your characters I the final installment.
Jaspar started out kind of like a junkie and BREAKING DAWN he’s at ease when all hell breaks lose.
Ashley: you saw Alice at first who was the nicest person and not really as a vampire. To get to see her act like a vampire brought a nice edge to her.
Liz: these movies have forced Esme into a position she never saw herself. She’s such a pacifist but she’s had to betray her own sense of self to protect her family.
Kellan: emmet doesn’t have the most lines, but it’s great showing the protective side.
Peter: I liked the humor that you brought to Emmett.
Nikki: it was a big deal that I smiled in the last movie. It’s frustrating that we don’t get to show all the sides of our characters that are in the book but that’s the nature of these movie with the love story at the center.

How are you similar to your characters?
Liz: I don’t think I’m like my character…
Peter: I think you are! You’re very nurturing, sexy…, loyal.

Are you nostalgic about anything now that filming is done?
Peter: I miss the woods…I’ll just walk around barefoot in the woods now…is that weird?

We heard a bit about the dance off that went down…how did you rehearse that and come up with that without Bill knowing.
Ashley: it was so fun!
Liz: it was this big secret. Michael Sheen was doing all these big Dramatic moves, it was intense.
Peter: they should just leave that in as the ending. The winner gets the baby.

Where do you see yourself ten years down the road?
Liz: I hope we’re all healthy and no one is on Celebrity Rehab…that’s all I hope.

What’s your favorite vampire movie and are you a hardcore of anything like the Twilight fans are with this?
Jackson: If the Rolling Stones performed I would camp out for days.
Liz: Juilette Binoche or Jack White. I could quote anything Juliette has said, it’s a google obsession.
Peter: I remember being in line for Superman IV and thought that was really special and then I come to comic con and you see how special movies are. Anytime something can bring people together like this is truly special.

Now on stage: Stephanie Meyer, Stephanie Hoyt, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinsin, and Kristen Stewart

Is this the movie where Edward/Jacob become friends?
Jacob: it is different because it’s become much less complicated, it’s no longer a triangle.

Is this a bitter sweet ending? How has it been for all of you?
Kristen: if you told me tomorrow that we had to reshoot some scene I would start vibrating from happiness. It’s a bummer to walk away but I hold on to it.

How does it feel personally, how have you changed from the experience?
Kristen: I think you start a project to finish it and it’s almost too much, too charged. I feel very challenged, if I could just keep that feeling in other projects. It just affirmed why I do what I do. It changed my mind that you can bring everything to not just indie films but to films on a bigger scale.

What was your first impressions of everyone?
Stephanie: I was meeting them for the first time when they were in costume. It was really really cool and I was so excited to start working with them.
Kristen: I liked (Rob’s) pants… Taylor, you were a kid when I met you it was very strange. Sometimes you meet people and you feel you have to make stuff together and that energy and we had that here.

What was the one thug you learned about each other on this film?
Stephanie: seeing Kristen as vampire Bella was the only really new thing for me…
Jacob: yeah, she’s all of a sudden transformed herself into a sleek sexy vampire which was very impressive.
Kristen: it was so cool, it was like “wow, I am sports car! Let’s break me in!”

There’s already been talks of rebooting the franchise. What do you guys think of those who might step in to this world?
Robert: I pity the person who talks over my role, I would start a campaign against them.
Kristen: please leave them alone! We turned the last page, the end of the last movie is sweet and final. But if Stephanie wants…I’m open, I’m in.
Stephanie: I do feel bad for anyone who tries to step in. Bella’s story is final, like Kristen said. But 20 years from now…
Jacob: Edward and Bella get divorced an it’s a whole Mr. And Mrs. Smith thing.

Compare your first comic con to now…
Robert: none of us had experienced a crowd that large but you get used to it surprisingly quickly. I think this is fun, it’s kind of like one of the big premieres. But there’s and element of show and it’s way more fun. Premieres are like exercise but this is actually fun.

What do you think the film adds to compliment the books?
Stephanie: Bill is good at finding the human emotions within the action.
Kristen: we do really cool with the ending…I think Bill is the person to direct the 4th book. Now that we’re in full vampireland, I was worried we’d lose the human emotion but Bill and all the actors…we did it. I’ve seen it 4 times and cried every time.

Was there any physical demands that you found particularly difficult?
Kristen: I have really bad luck with my thumbs…I hurt myself right at the beginning of all of our action sequences. Physically this has been more challenging because even just walking in to a room is very different. Every movement was very pointed.

After doing all these films, do you have insight in to why this is a phenomenon?
Stephanie: I really don’t.
Jacob: I think you’re being extremely humble. This all goes back to the books and how it all started. The characters and the books are where it began so that’s why people care about the film and us.

Is the label of being “That guy/girl from Twilight” a burden or a blessing?
Kristen: it’s given me so much more for my career and I love when people genuinely call me the Twilight girl. It’s thrown me in to the greatest position ever possible. Now I’m allowed to challenge myself the way I want to rather than falling into it.

Are we going to get any vampire sex scenes in this one?
Kristen: the ratings…it’s a tricky thing. We’re supposed to have mind boggling otherworldly sex in part 1. We tried to keep the first one sweet, nothing about this series is raunchy. In the second one we wanted to be animals, we’re not human anymore. We tried but that was rated R.

Can you tell us a bit about THE HOST?
Stephanie: it was a palette cleanser, I wanted to do something besides just romantic love. No more books at the moment, but I’m looking forward to see what they do in the film.

Do you have one favorite memory from the set that you’ll always have?
Mackenzie: it would be whole thing, it was perfect.
Stephanie: as far as pranks, I just have to say that I won. I remember sitting in the garage in the Cullen house and Kristen’s in her gorgeous wedding dress…just hanging out was great and I’ll miss that.
Kristen: the week of the wedding shoot.
Jacob: at the 3 week mark, I started focusing on every moment and soaking it all in since I knew it would be over soon.
Kristen: the scene where we dance together after the wedding, Taylor was like “this is buddy” and I was already really emotional before I knew that.

That’s the end of the press conference! Thanks for following along and make sure you follow @kristal_bailey for live updates from Comic Con!

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