SDCC ’12 Off Site Event: The Nerd HQ

He’s done it before, and he’s doing it again; Zachary Levi, founder of The Nerd Machine, will be hosting the second annual Nerd HQ event, sponsored by Break Media, XBOX, and Vizio.  And just when you thought Comic-Con week couldn’t get any better, the Nerd HQ returns with an even bigger venue, various different technology outlets, more panels, and as always, all proceeds accumulated at the event will go directly to Operation Smile, a charity helping children with a cleft lip/palate (
According to the Nerd Machine website, the Nerd HQ will take place at Block No. 16 Union and Spirits (344 7TH Ave., San Diego, CA 92101) and will be open to the public as an alternative for Comic-Con. The panel lineup has already been released, but unfortunately, a few of the panels have already been sold out.  Here’s a look at the lineup for the four days:

Thursday 7/12:
9:30 AM: The Expendables 2  with Terry Crews, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture
11:00 AM: Psych with Dule Hill, James Roday, Steve Franks, Kelly Kulchak, and Chris Henze
12:00 PM: Chuck
4:00 PM: Robot Chicken

Friday 7/13:
10:00 AM: Stan Lee
11:00 AM: Man with the Iron Fists followed by a signing
3:00 PM: The Rise of the Guardians with Guillermo Del Toro and Friends
4:30 PM: Nathan Fillion
5:30 PM: Assassin’s Creed 3

Saturday 7/14:
10:00 AM: NTSF: SD SVU
12:00 PM: Tomb Raider
3:00 PM: Joss Wheadon
4:30 PM: Damon Lindelof
5:45 PM: Grim

Sunday 7/15:
3:00 PM Jared Padalecki
4:30 PM Zac Levi with signing to follow

The difference between the Nerd HQ panels and Comic-Con panels is the experience all together. At the Nerd HQ, participants are promised a much more intimate setting, along with up close conversations and with a select few signings after the panel.  Tickets are 20 dollars each, and all funds will be donated to Operation Smile. Last year, the Nerd HQ was able to raise $40,000 for their charity. This year, the Nerd Machine hopes to exceed last year’s number, in addition to creating a bigger and better experience for all attending nerds.

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