SDCC ’12: Day 4 Photo Album

Screen Invasion spent most of Day 4 on the exhibit floor checking out all the crazy costumes and coveting awesome merch.  I sure wish I had a few extra hundos to drop!  If you missed it, be sure to browse through our  Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 photo galleries.  Without further ado, enjoy our final installment of the Screen Invasion Comic Con photo album.

Deadpool video game ad:

Ugly dolls:

The latest Jedi fashions:

Why’d it have to be snakes:

Cantina band:

Brian Lee O’Malley:

I could spends thousands on Comic Con art:

Lumpy Space Princess!!!:

Why does she look like she’s in pain:


So many games!:

One of the most awesome things at the Con:

The Holy Grail:

Look at these gents:

A true Admiral:

Looks like trouble:

Busty America:

I want to go to there:

The cutest Marvel heroes:

Bike from Looper:


Cosplaying as Mary Jane:

The stars of Hotel Transylvania:

She-Hulk statue:

Some more Marvel cuties:

Siiiiiick Galactus costume:

She-Cyclops and Mysterion:

Lego Gandalf:

Lego Baggins:

Faces of death:

I hope Kuato is in this Total Recall vehicle:

There is a person in there:

And I can’t think of a better way to close our photo gallery than with this:

I hope everyone that made it out to Comic Con this year had as an amazing time as we did!  Looking forward to seeing you all next year.  The time to start planning your costumes begins NOW!

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