SDCC ’12: Day 3 Photo Album

Screen Invasion was at the convention center at 6:30 a.m. to cover all the news from Hall H on Day 3 of Comic Con!  Here are photo highlights from the big celebration.  Be sure not to miss our Day 1 and Day 2 photo galleries!

6:30 A.M. on San Diego bay:

The end of the line almost to Tijuana:

A few halflings:

The end of the Hall H line way off in the distance:


Quentin Tarantino cosplaying Freddie Krueger:

The Django Unchained panel:

Stealth‘s Jamie Foxx:

Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz:

Zoom out for Guillermo del Toro and the widescreen Warner Bros. panel:

Oh hey, Charlie Day is in Pacific Rim:

So is Ron Perlman:

Rinko Kikuchi didn’t get to say much, but she is still one of my favorites:

A smug Guillermo del Toro, he knows he’s da shit:

Charlie Hunnam.  Apparently half the cast of Sons of Anarchy is in Pacific Rim:

Surprise appearance by Will Farrell and Zach Galifianakis to pimp The Campaign:

Sexy Henry Cavill, Man of Steel:

Moderator Chris Hardwick comforts an emotional Superman fan:

Peter Jackson films the audience:

Martin Freeman, aka The Hobbit:

Sir Ian McKellan classing up the joint:

Elijah Wood, just some other hobbit:

Gollum (Andy Serkis) also happens to be the second unit director:

Screen Invasion’s beloved editor-in-chief, Kristal Bailey, live tweets the proceedings:

Edgar Wright, the coolest man in the room, debuts some unbelievable Ant Man test footage:

Iron Man 3‘s Shane Black and Jon Favreau:

Don Cheadle:

Robert Downey Jr. has the 6,000 person audience in the palm of his hand:

Obligatory awesome mech robot cosplay shot:

Day 4 photos coming soon!   Follow @RealBrianRudlof and @ScreenInvasion on Twitter for more reviews, interviews, and news!

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