Relive The Magic: Dumbledore’s Army learning the Patronus Charm in ORDER OF THE PHOENIX

It’s that time of the week! Time to Relive Harry Potter! This week we take a look back at Order of The Phoenix! D.A. aka Dumbledore’s Army had formed in order to learn some defense against the dark arts from Harry. Since, Professor Umbridge was not really teaching them anything and the ministry was taking over Hogwarts, the D.A formed and met in the Room of Requirement to learn. Harry had been teaching them many different things and then he began teaching them how to produce their Patronus. Everybody was having an amazing time producing them and seeing how visually beautiful they are and just how cool it was. Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Luna produced them quite quickly.

Take a look at the clip here:

This was such a cool moment. Seeing everyone’s Patronus’s and just seeing how happy everyone was, was so nice. For those moments it looked like they had forgotten exactly why they were learning how to produce these and were just having so much joy. Is this one of your favorite Harry Potter moments? Sound off below!



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