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PEOPLE LIKE US Soundtrack Review

A.R Rahman is an Academy Award winning Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, and musician. One film many people will remember him being the composer of was Slumdog Millionaire which did amazing at the Academy Awards in 2009, earning him a lot of praise. He also did the composing for 127 hours.

He’s a wonderful composer that has struck gold again with an amazing soundtrack for People Like Us. Each song on this soundtrack sounds beautiful and outstanding. As usual he also incorporates his Indian roots by making some of the scores have a slight ethnic tone.

Some of the scores that stand out are People Like Us that has a very beautiful, elegant and heartfelt tone to it, Welcome to People which has guitar playing and also more elegance and beauty, Crab Drumming/Finding Sam which is a very cheerful score and has a little bit of his Indian roots in it and Frankie’s Burning Desire which has a somber tone to it. These scores show just how wonderful A.R Rahman’s work truly is. He incorporates different melodies which can be elegant, beautiful, cheerful and somber then also have his Indian roots mixed in. The plot of this movie was about a guy who goes through a lot of troubles then suddenly finds out he has a sister he didn’t know he had. This soundtrack really captures the tone of the movie.

Two others are also on this soundtrack, Liz Phair and Michael ‘Nomad’ Ripoll. They did the tracks Dotted Line and Airport Adventures. Both those tracks have a more different approach then what A.R Rahman did. One has more a soft rock feel and the other has a slow rock feel.

This is definitely a soundtrack to own! If you’re a fan of his work or just enjoy a nice movie soundtrack you have to add this to your soundtrack collection.


  1. People Like Us
  2. New York to L.A
  3. Dad’s Studio
  4. Dad’s Shaving Kit
  5. Following Frankie
  6. Frankie’s Burning Desire
  7. Beat the Living
  8. Welcome to People
  9. Mom
  10. Tacos
  11. Discount Prom Dress
  12. Airport Adventures
  13. Six Rules
  14. Breakfast for Mom/ Just Be People
  15. Crab Drumming/ Finding Sam
  16. I am Your Brother
  17. Family Pictures
  18. Dotted Line



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