New 2012 Fall Shows You’ll Probably Love

Never let it be said that the TV industry doesn’t know how to share. This fall’s lineup of new fodder might sound a little familiar, owing to the fact that it’s lifted from shows that are already smash hits. It’s a way of ensuring success in the dog-eat-dog world of network primetime television. If you’re wondering which shows you’ll love, take a cue from the shows that you already watch. That way, you can skip the channel surfing and find shows that you’ll probably love right off the bat.
If You Love House, You’ll Probably Love Elementary. FOX is canceling “House” after a fairly respectable run that landed in complete madness. No worries, though. You should be able to pick up your dry humor elsewhere, like in the new show “Elementary.” Premiering on CBS, Johnny Lee Miller will play a modern-day representation of Sherlock Holmes, flanked by the dry wit of Lucy Liu, who plays Joan Watson. Just think of it as “House,” but for solving crimes instead of diseases. Expect a cool, NYC vibe, and an even cooler relationship between Watson and Holmes. It’s tricky, given the film success of the Robert Downey Jr. version, but it’s worth a shot.

If You Love The Vampire Diaries, You’ll Probably Love Beauty and the Beast. “The Vampire Diaries” is all about brooding characters and dark family secrets, which is why it makes sense that the CW would slate their new show, “Beauty and the Beast” for the time slot just after the Salvatore brothers. “Beauty and the Beast” is headlined by “Smallville” star Kristin Kreuk , who plays a detective in a dark, creepy town (sound familiar?) alongside her “Beast,” the town doctor who harbors a beastly secret. Knowing the CW, you can expect healthy doses of angst and drama.

If You Love The Bachelor, You’ll Probably Love Ready for Love. When it comes to dating shows, there have been many to challenge, but none have achieved the status of ABC’s “The Bachelor.” Still, NBC is ready to try again, with their new show “Ready for Love.” Produced by Eva Longoria, the dating show is meant to prove that some guys are ready for marriage, the house, and the picket fence. Three guys are dating women from across the country based on Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other ways that the general public can get to know the eligible singles.

If You Love Downton Abbey, You’ll Probably Love Gilded Lilys. You have to admit that the plotline for ABC’s Shonda Rhimes’ vehicle, “Golded Lilys” sounds a little familiar. A swanky hotel in the 1800s offers a high-class family, lower-class servants and workers, and a guest who turns up dead a la a certain Mr. Pamuk. However, if you’re dying for a dose of “Downton” until season three comes out next year, “Gilded Lilys” might be a good substitute in the meantime. Just prepare yourself for a lot of face slaps.

If You Love Scrubs, You’ll Probably Love Animal Practice. As far as hospital shows go, “Scrubs” was by far the least realistic, but also the most awesome. If you miss JD and the crew, try watching NBC’s “Animal Practice.” It’s a comedy about an animal hospital and the people who work there, but don’t take it too seriously; Seattle Grace this is not. Instead, you can expect wheelchair-riding monkeys and a vet that loves his job because he gets to take care of animals and meet chicks. Who can argue with that type of logic?
So here’s the deal; you’re either going to love these new shows because they remind you of some of your old favorites, or you’re going to hate these new shows because they don’t measure up to your old favorites. Either way, you’ve got a full schedule this fall.

Stephanie Cable is a writer from Salt Lake City and does entertainment articles for CableTV.com. She absolutely loves watching TV and has to use writing about it as an excuse to step away from the screen.

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